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Debate: Israel's Policy of Targeted Killing

Israel's Policy of Targeted Killing [Abstract] 03/02/03
The policy is consistent with international law because Israel is engaged in armed conflict with terrorists, those targeted are usually killed by conventional military means, and the targets of the attacks are not civilians but combatants.
Author(s): Steven R. David

By Any Name Illegal and Immoral: Response to "Israel's Policy of Targeted Killing"[Abstract] 03/02/03
Armed Palestinians are not combatants according to any known legal definition. They are civilians and can only be attacked for as long as they actively participate in hostilities.
Author(s): Yael Stein

If Not Combatants, Certainly Not Civilians [Abstract] 03/02/03
So long as the Palestinian Authority is incapable or unwilling to halt terrorist attacks, most interpretations of international law, Israeli law, and just war tradition support Israel’s efforts to stop these murderous attacks before they can be carried out.
Author(s): Steven R. David

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