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Comprehending "Evil": Challenges for Law and Policy [Abstract] 05/02/02
The article focuses on the Bush Administration's attempts to frame its policy around this term in the current campaign against terrorism, and recent uses of the term in the growing literature on war crimes, genocide, and domestic repression.
Author(s): Douglas Klusmeyer, Astri Suhrke

Corporate Codes of Conduct and the Success of Globalization [Abstract] 05/02/02
Sethi focuses on multinational corporations (MNCs) in developing countries and the unfair advantage they have in expropriating a greater share of gains from efficiency and productivity from international trade than would be possible if labor had greater mobility or bargaining power.
Author(s): S. Prakash Sethi

Justice after War [Full Text] 05/02/02
Drawing on the concepts and values of the just war tradition, this article presents an account of jus post bellum as applied to the Persian Gulf War, Bosnia and Kosovo, and the war against terrorism in Afghanistan.
Author(s): Brian Orend

NGO Strategies for Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility [Abstract] 05/02/02
Winston evaluates strategies that have been used by international human rights nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in attempts to influence the behavior of multinational corporations (MNCs).
Author(s): Morton Winston

The Moral Basis of Humanitarian Intervention [Abstract] 05/02/02
Nardin examines the moral principles underlying the idea of humanitarian intervention from the perspective of international law and from that of the natural law tradition.
Author(s): Terry Nardin

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