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Why Inequality Matters: Some Economic Issues [Abstract] 12/04/01
Many industrialized countries, developing countries, and countries that have recently made the transition from communism to market-oriented economies are characterized by high and increasing income inequality.
Author(s): Nancy Birdsall

International Obligation and Human Health: Evolving Policy Responses to HIV/AIDS [Full Text] 12/04/01
Those with the ability to help can do so without significant sacrifice. Hence, those countries with the means to provide solutions to the HIV/AIDS crisis, and give succor to those now suffering from it, have a moral obligation to act.
Author(s): Paul G. Harris, Patricia Siplon

Prospects for Transnational Citizenship and Democracy [Abstract] 12/04/01
Many of the problems that would be faced in setting up transnational institutions mirror problems that have already been addressed by appropriate institutional mechanisms in the establishment of the modern nation-state.
Author(s): Daniel M. Weinstock

Assigning Responsibilities to Institutional Moral Agents: The Case of States and Quasi-States [Abstract] 12/04/01
To claim that institutions can act as relevant moral agents in international relations, we must consider the disparate circumstances within which states—those that exercise positive sovereignty and those that are sovereign only in name—are expected to act.
Author(s): Toni Erskine

Moral Agency and International Society [Abstract] 12/04/01
Some have argued that the UN or the Security Council can exercise agency on behalf of IS, but in view of the "underinstitutionalization" of IS in the UN, groups of states may authorize themselves to act on the behalf of IS as "coalitions of the willing."
Author(s): Chris Brown

The Anti-Sweatshop Movement: Constructing Corporate Moral Agency in the Global Apparel Industry [Abstract] 12/04/01
Through the use of rhetoric linking private economic transactions and international labor and human rights standards, the movement has successfully challenged corporate practices that were previously considered unremarkable.
Author(s): Rebecca DeWinter

Place-Based Environmentalism and Global Warming: Conceptual Contradictions of American Environmentalism [Full Text] 12/13/01
Although American environmentalism has had considerable success in addressing threats to particular places and resources, this well-organized and enormously popular social movement has not resulted in effective action on the problem of global warming.
Author(s): Daniel Somers Smith

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