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Special Section: The Meaning of Kosovo

American Power and Responsibility in a New Century [Excerpt] 12/04/00
Assuming that this is, indeed, a historic opportunity for the United States to exercise its power on behalf of liberal, democratic values how can it do so in a morally responsible fashion?
Author(s): Alberto R. Coll

Morality and the Use of Force in a Unipolar World: The 'Wilsonian Moment?' [Abstract] 12/04/00
When, where, and how should the promotion of human rights and democracy abroad figure in American foreign policy? A compelling way for liberals to influence this debate is to underscore a Wilsonian agenda's relevance to national security.
Author(s): Tony Smith

Humanitarian Intervention: Which Way Forward? [Abstract] 12/04/00
NATO's member states put aside their concerns for national sovereignty in favor of humanitarian considerations, acting without UN authorization. European states are rethinking historic prohibitions against humanitarian intervention after Kosovo.
Author(s): Richard Caplan

Casual War: NATO's Intervention in Kosovo [Abstract] 12/04/00
A disturbing question is whether NATO’s action implies that states endowed with the advanced military assets that were brought to bear against Serbia will adopt a casual policy on the conduct of limited war, a policy at odds with the lessons of the twentieth century.
Author(s): Carl Cavanagh Hodge

'Immaculate War': Constraints on Humanitarian Intervention [Abstract] 12/04/00
Although military personnel are required to follow all legal orders, morally the traditional contract between soldier and state rests on shared assumptions about the purposes for which national militaries will and will not be used.
Author(s): Martin L. Cook

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