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Special Section: The Humanitarian Identity Crisis

Principles, Politics, and Humanitarian Action [Abstract] 12/04/99
The tragedies of the past decade have led to an identity crisis among humanitarians. Respecting traditional principles of neutrality and impartiality and operating procedures based on consent has created as many problems as it has solved.
Author(s): Thomas G. Weiss

Humanity: Our Priority Now and Always: Response to "Principles, Politics, and Humanitarian Action" [Abstract] 12/04/99
Thomas Weiss oversimplifies when he identifies the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) with the classicist position of nonconfrontation.
Author(s): Cornelio Sommaruga

Humanitarian Responsibility and Committed Action: Response to "Principles, Politics, and Humanitarian Action" [Abstract] 12/04/99
Although providing aid in conflict is implicitly political, involving humanitarian actors and aid in conflict resolution initiatives, as Weiss advocates, risks diluting the primary responsibility of humanitarian aid to alleviate suffering.
Author(s): Joelle Tanguy, Fiona Terry

Moral Imperatives and Political Realities: Response to "Principles, Politics, and Humanitarian Action" [Abstract] 12/04/99
Weiss's essay is a fine contribution to the current conversation within the humanitarian international, but Rieff finds worrying the absence of a broader, extra-humanitarian context in the discussion.
Author(s): David Rieff

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