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Special Section on Ethical Traditions and World Change

Moral Renewal: The Lessons of Eastern Europe [Abstract] 12/02/91
Nardin uses the Eastern European experience of the late 1980s and the works of Adam Michnik and Vaclav Havel to demonstrate the traditional cosmopolitan Kantian notion of morality in the "appeal to universal human values."
Author(s): Terry Nardin

Applying Confucian Ethics to International Relations [Abstract] 12/02/91
The Confucian concept of morality and ethics, which dictated both domestic and international policies, maintained that through good government and internal peace and prosperity, China would play a leadership role in the world and serve as a universal paradigm for other nations.
Author(s): Cho-yun Hsu

Normative Prudence as a Tradition of Statecraft [Abstract] 12/02/91
Coll clearly advocates the Aristotelian notion that "moral principles are ultimately realized only in specific acts which human beings choose to carry out." He cites Washington, Lincoln, and Churchill as examples of leaders whose moral wisdom in political reasoning led to a statecraft explicitly derived from prudence.
Author(s): Alberto R. Coll

"The Vision Thing": Charles Taylor Against Inarticulacy [Abstract] 12/01/91
In response to Charles Taylor's book "Sources of the Self: The Making of the Modern Identity," Becker defends the Western view of ethical conceptions based on our unique identity, reasoning, and historical heritage.
Author(s): John E. (Jack) Becker

Hegel and International Ethics [Abstract] 12/02/91
Brown attempts to clarify Hegelian ideas of absolute knowledge and self-knowledge that lead to the model of the modern state as "the vehicle for the self-expression of spirit...governed only by the requirements of reason" upon which Hegel grounds international ethics.
Author(s): Chris Brown

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