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"Fairness" or Self-Interest? The Coming Economic Dilemma

A Trade Strategy for the United States [Abstract] 12/02/88
Krasner considers the decline of the global economic power the United States enjoyed from the 1940s through the 1960s and prescribes a policy of repricocity to restore the country's postwar position, allowing it to compete effectively in an emerging and changing economic climate.
Author(s): Stephen D. Krasner

Reagan's Ambiguous Economic Legacy [Abstract] 12/02/88
The introductory piece attempts to set forth as objectively as possible the economic legacy of the Reagan Administration, with emphasis on its international aspects, and thereby to provide the background for the other articles.
Author(s): Robert Gilpin

The Coming Meltdown of Traditional Capitalism [Abstract] 12/02/88
Heilbroner challenges the concept that capitalism is purely an economic system and asserts it is rather a regime informed by social and political forces.
Author(s): Robert L. Heilbroner

Three Scenarios for the World Economy [Abstract] 12/02/88
During the 1980s there was the strong perception that the Americans, the Europeans, and the Japanese were living well, but the accounting data suggested the house of cards was about to fall.
Author(s): Robert Z. Aliber

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