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Privatization Project (1991–1994)

From 1991–1994 the Carnegie Council initiated a major project to examine the global phenomenon of privatization. Council members and corporate leaders from the United States, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Eastern Europe, and South America participated in this enterprise. The Council distributed transcripts from the monthy seminars and conferences to over two thousand people in government, business, academe, labor, and the media.

Privatization and Investment Opportunities in Kazakhstan | 05/04/1994 Zhanisek S. Karibzhanov, Jack F. Matlock Kazakhstan has enormous resources and a literate population, but this large country is heir to exploitative methods of economic development that have ravaged the environment.

Improving Municipal Services through Empowerment | 03/02/1994 Bret Schundler "There is no more clear experience of what happens when you allow government to establish a monopoly than that of driving a Trabant versus driving a Mercedes-Benz or a BMW."

The Politics of Privatization in Argentina | 02/11/1994 Eduardo Amadeo The process of privatization provides the tool most needed to keep both the economy and politics working: it provides confidence and trust from the people--and privatization equals accountablilty.

Facing Up: What We Need to Do to Get Our Economic Act Together | 01/26/1994 Peter G. Peterson If we in the United States are to get our long-term economic act together, we must address three imperatives: economic, moral, and political.

Privatization: It Can and Does Work | 01/19/1994 Edward G. Rendell With privatization, employees no longer think about how they might just "get through the week," but rather that they had "better shape up" or "wind up being the next to go."

The Various Roads to a Private Economy | 11/29/1993 Leszek Balcerowicz "Entrepreneurs respond whenever you lift restrictions. One can say that the private market economy is a natural state of society."

Reinventing Government: Public Employees' Perspectives | 10/22/1993 Gerald M. McEntee "We must rebuild the social compact, the belief that government can and should serve all the people of this nation."

Making New York Work Through Privatization and Competition | 09/20/1993 Frank G. Zarb The Privatization Task Force proposes "competition with winners selected purely on the basis of quality and price, regardless of private or public sector status."

Why America Needs Privatized Infrastructure Industry | 05/07/1993 Robert W. Poole, Jr. "We need to create a new industry of firms that finance, design, build, own, and operate major infrastructure . . . a new paradigm for infrastructure in this country."

Privatization: The Canadian Story | 03/09/1993 John McDermid Crown corporations were created not out of ideological fervor, but pragmatically, to serve social, cultural, and economic priorities the private sector could not be expected to meet at that time.

An Update on Privatization in the Czech Republic: The Economic Transformation After the Split | 02/19/1993 Karel Dyba "Two years ago there were no private shops in the Czech lands. Now, about 60-70 percent of retail, trade, and services are back in the hands of private entrepreneurs."

Mass Privatization in Poland: Differences and Similarities with Other Privatization Programs | 01/29/1993 Jerzy Thieme Mass privatization in Poland may be the solution for sound companies with growth potential that cannot yet attract investors, domestic or foreign.

The Politics of Russia's Privatization Program | 12/10/1992 Andrei Shleifer The Russian privatization program is overtly political. To make privatization work, managers, local governments, and workers' collectives need incentives to push for it.

Moving Municipal Services Into the Marketplace | 11/20/1992 Stephen Goldsmith "The antithesis of populism is when government taxes its citizens, takes money out of their pockets, and says it knows how to spend their money better than they do."

The Case for Structural Reform Through Private Innovation | 10/20/1992 Benno C. Schmidt, Jr. "America's future will tend inevitably and inexorably to reflect the quality or the absence of quality of our schools."

The Role of Private Property in Development | 10/05/1992 Hernando de Soto "The word 'privatization' doesn't work when you're talking about the private rights of poor people. In my country the terminology's all wrong. It is associated with oligarchy. It means the privileged few."

Privatizing Eastern Germany: A Report from the Treuhand | 06/26/1992 Christoph Reimnitz Founded in East Germany in March 1990, the Treuhandanstalt had facilitated the privatization of over 7,000 enterprises by June 1992 and generated revenues of $17.5 billion and investment pledges of $80 billion.

Is Privatization a Solution to the Urban Crisis? | 05/08/1992 John Giraudo For society to benefit from the deep-seated desire to fulfill human needs, it is the responsibility of government to unleash ownership and channel it to those needs - and to ensure that the profit motive is made to do what society most requires.

From "Confusion Economics" to a Market Economy: The Only Way for Sweden | 04/06/1992 Per Westerberg Sweden must implement radical economic changes. Obstacles to foreign investment, government regulations, state-owned companies, monopolies and discriminatory policies against small businesses must be removed.

Privatization: Misconceptions, Glib Answers, and Lessons | 03/20/1992 Mary W. Shirley Privatization is changing the face of the world and, "just as we must rethink what we used to assume about the extent and importance of privatization, we must also correct some misconceptions about it."

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