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Nizer Lectures (1994–1998)

The Nizer Lectures on Public Policy were named for lawyer and writer Louis Nizer.

Ethical Issues for Today (1996) | 09/18/2014 Elie Wiesel What is the difference between ethics and law? Unlike the law, ethics involves other people, says Elie Wiesel, in this powerful, moving, and wide-ranging talk in 1996. We must be sensitive to the needs of others and constantly ask ourselves if we are doing enough to stand up for victims and care for others, both compatriots and strangers.

The Destiny of Freedom: Political Legacies of the Twentieth Century | 04/03/2014 Ralph Buultjens Speaking in 1998, Dr. Buultjens identifies a recurring cycle of conflict followed by political and economic disintegration that distinguishes the 20th century. He asks: "Do we have to repeat 20th-century history and pass through still another cycle, or can we break out of these sequences and create a new future? Is trend destiny, or can we bypass history?"

Technology and Social Justice | 03/17/2014 Freeman Dyson "How can we make ethics drive technology in such a way that the evil consequences are minimized and the good maximized?" In this insightful and visionary 1997 talk, Freeman Dyson looks back at the effects of past innovations and forward to cheap solar energy, genetic engineering of industrial crop plants, and universal access to the Internet.

America and the World: Isolationism Resurgent? | 12/12/1995 Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. argues for a reexamination of the Wilsonian doctrine of collective security and a greater concentration on preventive diplomacy, to enhance the effectiveness of global organizations already in place. Introduction by Joel H. Rosenthal.

William Faulkner's Old Verities: "It's Planting Time in America" | 12/07/1994 Jack Valenti, Robert J. Myers "Faulkner's words stir a dark, punishing wisdom, a plain, spare design for civic conduct," says Jack Valenti. Introduction by Robert Myers.

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