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Series 1, Number 6 (Fall 1996): The Human Rights Discourse in East Asia: Reports from the Region


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While major internationally-oriented literature on human rights is widely available, the discourse going on within nations is often difficult to access and understand. This is because writings are unavailable outside certain countries, or written in a language other than English, or because the context of the writings is difficult to know. This volume provides a selection of writings from Burma, South Korea, China, Cambodia, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Taiwan which, according to intellectuals and activists from these countries, are considered to be the most influential or representative of the current human rights dialogue.

CHINA | 09/05/96
Xia and Hecht discuss Contemporary Human Rights, Origins of the Human Rights Concept; Criminal Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China; Survey of Capital Punishment; Toward the Age of Rights: Research on the Development of Chinese Citizens Rights; and "Human Rights and the Legal System in China." Author(s): Xia Yong, Jonathan Hecht

INDONESIA | 09/05/96
These works approach human rights violations more theoretically: Why Are We Suing?; Shadows of the Indonesian Communist Party; The World Bank and Human Rights in Indonesia; Towards the Ratification of the Anti-Torture Convention; and The Rights of Prisoners. Author(s): Arief Budiman

Introduction: The Human Rights Discourse in East Asia: Reports from the Region | 09/05/96
We asked intellectuals and activists from throughout Asia, many of whom have been involved in the Carnegie Council's Human Rights Initiative, to select writings from their countries that they consider representative of the current human rights discourse there. Author(s): Joanne Bauer

JAPAN | 09/05/96
Publications examined are Between Japan and the Far East—Internationalization in History and Civilization; Human Rights and Multicultural SocietyTextbook on International Human Rights Law; Commentary on the Convention on the Rights of the Child; and ODA and Environment/Human Rights. Author(s): Toshiya Hoshino, Tetsuya Yamada

MALAYSIA | 09/05/96
Examined are Two Faces: Detention Without Trial; "Why the EIA of the Bakun Project is Invalid;" "Kenapa EIA Projek Hiro Elektrik Bakun Tidak Sah," Power Play: Why the Bakun Hydroelectric Project is Damned; "Baffling Decision: Judge Who Defamed the Judiciary Won't Be Prosecuted;" "Controversy Over Women's Rights: NGO Exposes Maltreatment of Migrants in Malaysian Detention Camps," and "First Steps Towards Preserving Rights." Author(s): Rajeswari Kanniah

SOUTH KOREA | 09/05/96
Articles examined are "Issues Concerning Foreign Workers in Korea;" "Police Attitudes Toward Battered Women;" "The Rights of the Child in the Republic of Korea;""Status Report on the Human Rights Situation in Prisons, 1995;" and "Human Rights Suffocated by the Logic of National Security." Author(s): Sangjin Han

TAIWAN | 09/05/96
Discussed are "A Preliminary Investigation on the Right to Work of the Disabled;" "Proposal for an Educational System for Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan;" "Political Tolerance in Taiwan;" "On the Fundamental Principles and Contradictions of the Post-Modernist Theory of Human Rights;" Special Reports on the Case of Su Chien-ho; and  Awakening. Author(s): Mab Huang

Works discussed are A Distant Peace; Philippines: The Killing Goes On; Resistance 3: Torment and Struggle After Marcos; Issues and Concerns of Overseas Filipinos: An Assessment of the Philippine Government's Response; "Philippines 2000" and Human Rights; and Children are People Too: A Guide to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Author(s): Jorge Tigno

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