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Ethics Matter

Past Events

Women's Rights are Human Rights: Global Challenges to Reproductive Health | 12/14/16
Terry McGovern, María Antonieta Alcalde, James Ketterer
This event will explore the current status of reproductive rights around the world, noting advances that have been made and challenges that still exist. In addition, the speakers will discuss how women's health issues are affected by the ongoing conflicts in several regions, the refugee/migration crisis, the role of religion in politics, populist movements, and the persistence of authoritarian regimes. How might the new U.S. president address these issues? What policies might change? (Ethics Matter Series)

Peacemakers in Action: An In-depth Discussion of Religious Peacebuilding | 10/13/16
Joyce S. Dubensky, Bill Lowrey
Worldwide, religious tensions, extremism, and fear increasingly influence our human experience. But amid all the conflicts, there are unknown people who battle this phenomenon. This fall, the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding is releasing the second volume of its ground-breaking "Peacemakers in Action: Profiles in Religious Peacebuilding." Join Joyce Dubensky, Tanenbaum CEO, and Tanenbaum's peacemaker Rev. Bill Lowrey, who worked in South Sudan, for a conversation on religion, peace, and the people on the ground who never quit. (Ethics Matter Series)

ISIS: The Caliphate at Two | 05/12/16
Michael Weiss
The Caliphate declared by ISIS is now two years old. What makes ISIS so seemingly successful and what are its goals? How has ISIS spread so effectively to other regions? What can the U.S. and others do to stem the tide? In conversation with James Ketterer, dean of international studies at Bard College, Mr. Weiss will discuss the current situation with ISIS, the ongoing conflicts in Syria and Iraq, and the broader regional and international implications. (Ethics Matter Series)

A Conversation with Sarah Chayes on Corruption and Global Security | 03/01/16
Sarah Chayes
What is the common thread linking crises around the world, from Syria to Nigeria? According to Sarah Chayes, the answer is simple: corruption. Since the late 1990s, corruption has reached such an extent that some governments resemble glorified criminal gangs, bent solely on their own enrichment. Chayes spent seven eventful years in Afghanistan, where she grappled with corruption on many levels. Today she is a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. She is the author of "Thieves of State: Why Corruption Threatens Global Security." (Ethics Matter)

Bearing Witness to War and Injustice: Ron Haviv, Photojournalist | 12/14/15
Ron Haviv
In the last three decades, Ron Haviv has covered more than 25 conflicts and worked in over 100 countries. His work in the Balkans, which spanned over a decade of conflict, was used as evidence to indict and convict war criminals at the international tribunal in The Hague. On the 20th anniversary of the end of the Bosnian War, Haviv will discuss his life as a photojournalist and the crucial role that photos can play. (Ethics Matter Series)

Beyond Silicon Valley: A Conversation with Elmira Bayrasli on Innovation in Unlikely Places | 11/05/15
Elmira Bayrasli
Elmira Bayrasli will discuss her new book, "From the Other Side of the World: Extraordinary Entrepreneurs, Unlikely Places," in conversation with social entrepreneur Hazami Barmada. The book looks at the growth of innovation beyond Silicon Valley, focusing on talented individuals around the world who have overcome insurmountable obstacles to lead high-growth businesses. (Ethics Matter Series)

A Conversation with Karenna Gore on Ethics and our Ecological Crisis | 10/01/15
Karenna Gore
Karenna Gore and the Center for Earth Ethics (CEE) see our ecological crisis as the consequence of a deeper malady: the dominant economic development agenda that results in the exploitation of people and nature for short-term and inequitable financial gain. So for real change to occur, a new paradigm based on the sustained well-being of all people and our planet must materialize. How are Gore and the CEE working to make this happen? What is the role of spiritual, indigenous, and religious communities? (Ethics Matter Series)

A Conversation with Ashoka Founder Bill Drayton on Social Entrepreneurship | 06/11/15
Bill Drayton
"The life purpose of the true social entrepreneur is to change the world," says Bill Drayton. "[H]e or she simply cannot come to rest in life until his or her vision has become the new pattern society-wide." What is a social entrepreneur? Conventional entrepreneurs typically measure performance in profit and return, but social entrepreneurs also take into account a positive return to society. The term was first popularized by Bill Drayton, who founded Ashoka in 1980. Today, Ashoka is the largest network of social entrepreneurs worldwide, with close to 3,000 Ashoka Fellows in 70 countries. (Ethics Matter Series)

A Conversation with Ethan Zuckerman on the Ethics of the Internet | 06/03/15
Ethan Zuckerman
"I'd really like to see us get globalization right. For me, getting globalization right wouldn't mean that we have stuff from every corner of the world, but would mean that we have people and ideas and opportunities and solutions from every corner of the world." What is the role of technology and digital media in the ongoing globalization process? How can they connect the world in more ethical and inclusive ways? (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics in U.S. Foreign Policy: Spymaster Jack Devine on the CIA | 05/26/15
Jack Devine
During his distinguished 32-year career in the CIA, Jack Devine headed many of the Agency's most important, dramatic, and successful operations. He argues that covert operations, not costly and devastating full-scale interventions, are the best safeguard of America's interests worldwide. (Ethics Matter Series)

Defending our Borders vs. Defending our Liberties: ACLU's Anthony D. Romero | 04/23/15
Anthony D. Romero
Anthony D. Romero has been the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) during a period when American civil liberties have been threatened as they have not been since the early days of the Cold War. Under his leadership, the ACLU has taken a lead role in challenging the Patriot Act and the NSA's surveillance program. Romero will talk about Edward Snowden, drones, the U.S. "Kill List," and the balance that must be struck between defending our borders and defending our liberties. (Ethics Matter Series)

A Conversation with Leon Botstein, President of Bard College and Champion of Liberal Arts Education | 02/04/15
Leon Botstein
Now in his 40th year as president of Bard College, Leon Botstein is one of the great practitioners and one of the most passionate advocates of the liberal arts education. Botstein is himself an incarnation of that deeply threatened tradition: He is the conductor of the American Symphony Orchestra, and he teaches in Bard's mandatory great-books class. At a time when college presidents often sound like cautious bureaucrats, Botstein expresses himself exuberantly and piercingly. (Ethics Matter Series)

Top Risks and Ethical Decisions 2015 | 01/12/15
Ian Bremmer
What are the biggest risks for 2015? What are the associated ethical decisions? Political risk guru Ian Bremmer discusses his annual list. (Ethics Matter Series)

A Conversation with Lawrence Lessig | 12/10/14
Lawrence Lessig
Lawrence Lessig is a Harvard Law professor and activist who has launched a crusade against the corrupting influence of money in politics. Seeking to fight fire with fire, Lessig has founded, a "super PAC" which raised $10 million in the last election to support candidates committed to radical reform of campaign financing. Most of them lost, but Lessig is not daunted. He brings a passionate intelligence to bear on the legal, political, cultural, and moral dimensions of the issue. (Ethics Matter Series)

A Conversation with David Keyes on Advancing Human Rights | 11/03/14
David Keyes
With a focus on empowering dissidents and providing them with the tools to succeed, David Keyes is exploring new strategies in the fight for human rights for those living under authoritarian regimes. How can social media be used to promote a more pluralistic world? How important is outside pressure? (Ethics Matter Series)

A Conversation with Will Kymlicka on the Challenges of Multiculturalism | 10/29/14
Will Kymlicka
Are there multi-ethnic societies that are successful models of tolerance and pluralism? What is the Canadian model, and how does it differ from that of the United States? Best known for his work on multiculturalism and animal ethics, Canadian political philosopher Will Kymlicka will discuss these issues and more, including his views on animal rights. (Ethics Matter Series)

A Conversation with Lieutenant-General Roméo A. Dallaire | 09/23/14
Roméo A. Dallaire
Roméo A. Dallaire, the head of the UN peacekeeping mission in Rwanda during the genocide in 1994, played a heroic role trying to save lives in the face of overwhelming odds. Since that time, he has become a voice of conscience on the doctrine known as "the responsibility to protect" and an advocate for ending the use of child soldiers. He will speak on the imperative to act in the face of atrocities and the instruments available to limit their impact on innocent civilians. (Ethics Matter Series)

A Conversation with Law Professor and Columnist Rosa Brooks on Obama's Foreign Policy | 06/09/14
Rosa Brooks
When the pundit Rosa Brooks criticizes the Obama administration in her weekly column, she is speaking from personal experience: Brooks spent two years in the president's first term as counselor to the undersecretary of defense for policy. She also speaks with the authority of a legal scholar: At Georgetown University Brooks teaches classes in constitutional and international law, as well as failed states and the law of atrocities. (Ethics Matter Series)

Bioethics and Health Care Reform: A Conversation with Ezekiel J. Emanuel | 05/22/14
Ezekiel J. Emanuel
Ezekiel J. Emanuel is a knowledgeable, forthright, and morally engaged guide to the American health care system. A doctor, a bioethicist, a former advisor to the Obama administration, and a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Emanuel has spent a generation writing, thinking, and advocating on health care reform. (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Douglas Rushkoff, Digital Media Expert, Graphic Novelist and Documentarian | 04/24/14
Douglas Rushkoff
Douglas Rushkoff is the Carl Sagan of the digital cosmos--the lucid, deeply human navigator of the bewildering universe in which we now live. In an astonishing flood of books, articles, television shows, and lectures, he has charted the way digital technology changes the way we perceive time, space, others, ourselves. His most recent book, "Present Shock", explores the obsession with the now which undermines our powers of reflection. Marshall McLuhan famously said that we shape our media, and then they shape us; Rushkoff will talk about this ineluctable fact, and about how we can continue to shape our own lives. (Ethics Matter Series)

Conviction, Conflict, Community: A Conversation with George Rupp | 04/01/14
George Rupp
Most recently the president of the International Rescue Committee and of Columbia University, George Rupp will discuss the increased salience of religion in international affairs, the changing nature of conflict, and the limits of modern Western individualism. (Centennial Event, Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Sebastian Junger | 03/12/14
Sebastian Junger
Sebastian Junger is one of the finest narrative journalists writing in English. His books include "The Perfect Storm," made into a film of the same name, and "WAR," an account of American soldiers under near-constant attack in a remote outpost in Afghanistan. (He directed "Restrepo," the film version of the book.) Junger writes about life and death; he is as much novelist as journalist. He will talk about war and warriors, about the choices people make in extreme situations, and about the choices he has made in his own life. (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Harold Hongju Koh | 02/25/14
Harold Hongju Koh
As legal adviser to the State Department from 2009 to 2013, Harold Koh was responsible for making judgments about the most difficult issues in the war on terror: drone strikes, military tribunals, preventive detention. Professor Koh, one of the leading authorities on human rights law, was ideally positioned to help President Obama bring these practices in line with international law. He can speak, as no one else can, about the terrible dilemma of preserving liberty while confronting global threats to security. (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: Top Risks and Ethical Decisions 2014 with Ian Bremmer | 01/14/14
Ian Bremmer
What are the biggest risks for 2014? What are the associated ethical decisions? Political risk guru Ian Bremmer discusses his annual list and his conclusions may surprise you. Ian Bremmer is the president of the world's leading global political risk research and consulting firm, Eurasia Group. He was previously a Carnegie Council Trustee. Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Devin Stewart will moderate this event. (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: The Future of War, with Andrew Exum | 12/12/13
Andrew Exum
After receiving a degree in classics and English literature from the University of Pennsylvania, Andrew Exum enlisted in the U.S. Army and from 2000 to 2004, he led platoons in Afghanistan and Iraq. He returned to Afghanistan in 2009 to advise General Stanley McChrystal. The United States will continue intervening, in some form, in unsettled places across the globe; Exum, the author of "This Man's Army: A Soldier's Story from the Frontlines of the War on Terror," is uniquely situated to explain what American soldiers can and cannot achieve. This event will be moderated by author and journalist James Traub. (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Online Activist Ricken Patel | 11/18/13
Ricken Patel
In 2007, Ricken Patel created Avaaz, a new thing in the world--a virtual network of ordinary citizens around the globe who advocate for causes, like transparency in government and a negotiated solution to the Syrian civil war. Avaaz circulates a policy statement among the more than 26 million members, who need do nothing more than click "Send" to register support. When it's so easy to gather a million signatures, how seriously will media barons or world leaders take them? Is a finger-click a meaningful form of social activism, or merely a self-aggrandizing gesture?  This event will be moderated by author and journalist James Traub. (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Writer Kurt Andersen | 10/30/13
Kurt Andersen
Kurt Andersen, journalist, editor, novelist, NPR radio host, grew up in the late 1960s, a moment when the great generational imperative was: do justice. He found a way of pursuing the imperative of truth-telling without sacrificing his rich sense of the absurd, founding Spy magazine and writing such celebrated novels as 2007's "Heyday," which invite readers to consider the American present in light of the past. Andersen will talk about the arc of his career, about the ongoing influence of the 1960s in our collective life, and about the dead end which our national political debate has reached. This event will be moderated by author and journalist James Traub. (Ethics Matter Series)

The Ethics of Hacking Back: Cybersecurity and Active Network Defense | 09/18/13
Robert Clark, Chris Rouland
Current U.S. law prohibits many "hacking back" techniques, designed to raise the cost of cyber intrusions for adversaries. Yet the government cannot and will not defend private sector networks. This panel discussion will reflect on the implications for government and the private sector if U.S. cyber policy were to support active defense measures. (Carnegie New Leaders and Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: Jeremy Scahill on the World as a Battlefield | 06/10/13
Jeremy Scahill
Covert wars, drone strikes, and private security contractors are the new face of American foreign policy. Few investigative journalists have done more to expose the ethical and political repercussions of such policies than Jeremy Scahill. In this Ethics Matter conversation, Scahill will discuss his motivations for taking on the military industrial complex and the obstacles confronting investigative journalism in the 21st century. (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: Zainab Salbi on Women, War, and Self-Empowerment | 04/03/13
Zainab Salbi
In this conversation, Salbi will explore the personal journey through which she broke ties with her past, and re-emerged as a global champion of women's rights and female empowerment in many of the world's most dangerous conflict zones. (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: A Conversation on Bioethics with NASA's Paul Root Wolpe | 03/04/13
Paul Root Wolpe
In this conversation, NASA's chief bioethicist Dr. Paul Root Wolpe will explore how new technologies and scientific breakthroughs challenge traditional ethical codes. (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Roméo Dallaire | 02/26/13
Roméo A. Dallaire
Whether amid the outbreak of war in Libya or the escalating devastation in Syria, governments are repeatedly forced to ask: Should they intervene to prevent violence abroad, and if so, how? Former UN commander and current Canadian Senator Roméo Dallaire will discuss how his own efforts to prevent genocide in Rwanda have defined his current views on conflict prevention, the responsibility to protect (R2P), and the need to put humanity before political and economic interests. (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: Top Risks and Ethical Decisions 2013 with Ian Bremmer | 01/15/13
Ian Bremmer
What are the biggest risks for 2013? What are the associated ethical decisions? Political risk guru Ian Bremmer discusses his annual list and his conclusions may surprise you. (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Srdja Popovic | 12/03/12
Srdja Popovic
"Nonviolent conflict [is] a form of warfare--the only difference is you don't use arms." Srdja Popovic co-founded the Serbian youth movement Otpor!, which played a major role in toppling Slobodan Milosevic. His work training activists in Egypt and Tunisia is widely credited for inspiring Arab Spring protesters and won him first place among "Foreign Policy's" Top 100 Global Thinkers. (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Dan Ariely | 11/15/12
Dan Ariely
Why do smart people cheat? Why do most of us procrastinate? Why do millions of gym memberships go unused? And what did big bonuses at big banks have to do with the Great Economic Recession? Dan Ariely explores the hidden factors that shape our most puzzling decisions and shows how emotions, morals, peer pressure, and sheer irrationalism dictate our most basic preferences--often to hilarious effect. (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Bill McKibben | 10/09/12
Bill McKibben
"There is a tendency at every important but difficult crossroad to pretend that it's not really there." -- Bill McKibben (Ethics Matter Series)

Is the World Becoming More Peaceful? | 09/27/12
Robert D. Kaplan, Steven Pinker
Join us for a vigorous discussion between two leading thinkers in global affairs -- Harvard professor Steven Pinker and "Atlantic" correspondent Robert D. Kaplan -- as they take on the subject of world peace, a core interest of Carnegie Council. Joel H. Rosenthal, president of Carnegie Council, will moderate. (Ethics Matter, Carnegie New Leaders)

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Dambisa Moyo | 09/18/12
Dambisa Moyo
"The problem is that aid is not benign -- it's malignant. No longer part of the potential solution, it's part of the problem -- in fact aid is the problem." -- Dambisa Moyo (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Dov Seidman | 04/30/12
Dov Seidman, Art Kleiner
"The moral imagination should increase as the world becomes smaller. . . . We are no longer distant, and therefore we need to reawaken our moral imaginations." --Dov Seidman (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Mary Ellen Iskenderian | 03/13/12
Mary Ellen Iskenderian, Julia Taylor Kennedy
"I am a great believer in the individual's impact, and the individual's impact on the system, and to change the system." -- Mary Ellen Iskenderian (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Anne-Marie Slaughter | 02/13/12
Anne-Marie Slaughter, Julia Taylor Kennedy
"It clearly can be in the U.S. and the West's strategic interest to help social revolutions fighting for the values we espouse and proclaim." -- Anne-Marie Slaughter (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Thomas Pogge | 01/19/12
Thomas Pogge
"Many are quick to point out that we cannot inherit our ancestor's sins. Indeed. But how then can we be entitled to the fruits of these sins: to our huge inherited advantage in power and wealth over the rest of the world?" -- Thomas Pogge (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: Top Risks and Ethical Decisions 2012 with Ian Bremmer | 01/11/12
Ian Bremmer, Art Kleiner
What are the biggest political risks in 2012, and the associated ethical decisions? Political risk guru Ian Bremmer will unveil his annual list and unpack the underlying issues. (Ethics Matter Series)

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Jeffrey Sachs | 11/21/11
Jeffrey D. Sachs, Julia Taylor Kennedy
"Around the world, young people--students, workers, and the unemployed--are bringing their grievances to the public square. The specific grievances differ across the countries, yet the animating demands are the same: democracy and economic justice." -- Jeffrey Sachs (Ethics Matter Town Hall Series)

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Peter Singer | 10/06/11
Peter Singer, Julia Taylor Kennedy
"My work is based on the assumption that clarity and consistency in our moral thinking is likely, in the long run, to lead us to hold better views on ethical issues," says Peter Singer. (Ethics Matter Town Hall Series)

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with William Easterly | 09/15/11
William Easterly, Devin T. Stewart
"There's a Thomas Edison born every minute. We just have to help them turn the lights on," says economist William Easterly. (Ethics Matter Town Hall Series)

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Susan Davis | 06/22/11
Susan Davis
Please join us for the launch of this new town hall series "Ethics Matter," with development and microfinance pioneer Susan Davis. A networking reception will follow the conversation.

There are no events for Ethics Matter.

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