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Ethics Matter

Past Events

Women's Rights are Human Rights: Global Challenges to Reproductive Health | 12/14/16
Terry McGovern, María Antonieta Alcalde, James Ketterer
This event will explore the current status of reproductive rights around the world, noting advances that have been made and challenges that still exist. In addition, the speakers will discuss how women's health issues are affected by the ongoing conflicts in several regions, the refugee/migration crisis, the role of religion in politics, populist movements, and the persistence of authoritarian regimes. How might the new U.S. president address these issues? What policies might change? (Ethics Matter Series)

Peacemakers in Action: An In-depth Discussion of Religious Peacebuilding | 10/13/16
Joyce S. Dubensky, Bill Lowrey
Worldwide, religious tensions, extremism, and fear increasingly influence our human experience. But amid all the conflicts, there are unknown people who battle this phenomenon. This fall, the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding is releasing the second volume of its ground-breaking "Peacemakers in Action: Profiles in Religious Peacebuilding." Join Joyce Dubensky, Tanenbaum CEO, and Tanenbaum's peacemaker Rev. Bill Lowrey, who worked in South Sudan, for a conversation on religion, peace, and the people on the ground who never quit. (Ethics Matter Series)

ISIS: The Caliphate at Two | 05/12/16
Michael Weiss
The Caliphate declared by ISIS is now two years old. What makes ISIS so seemingly successful and what are its goals? How has ISIS spread so effectively to other regions? What can the U.S. and others do to stem the tide? In conversation with James Ketterer, dean of international studies at Bard College, Mr. Weiss will discuss the current situation with ISIS, the ongoing conflicts in Syria and Iraq, and the broader regional and international implications. (Ethics Matter Series)

A Conversation with Sarah Chayes on Corruption and Global Security | 03/01/16
Sarah Chayes
What is the common thread linking crises around the world, from Syria to Nigeria? According to Sarah Chayes, the answer is simple: corruption. Since the late 1990s, corruption has reached such an extent that some governments resemble glorified criminal gangs, bent solely on their own enrichment. Chayes spent seven eventful years in Afghanistan, where she grappled with corruption on many levels. Today she is a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. She is the author of "Thieves of State: Why Corruption Threatens Global Security." (Ethics Matter)

There are no events for Ethics Matter.

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