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Part of the Council's Centennial programs, Global Ethical Dialogues is a multi-year project that engages societies across the world in the quest for a global ethic—shared values with which to tackle problems that transcend national boundaries.

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Led by Michael Ignatieff, Global Ethical Dialogues are part of the Carnegie Council Centennial project: Ethics for a Connected World. For more information on the rationale and methodology, please read Ignatieff's concept paper.

These Dialogues seek to find out what happens to ethical debate when:

  • We move the site of the dialogue out of New York and the West and conduct it in Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • We take seriously a commitment to equality of voice and equality of respect.
  • We seek not an outcome or a policy, but a method, a way of engaging, debating, working together, and building long-term networks of trust, across religions, cultures, histories, and ethnicities.

Global Ethical Dialogues began in June 2013 with visits to Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, followed by North America and the Balkans in 2014.  There are plans for site visits to Japan, Burma, and South Africa in 2015.

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Program Resources

Global Ethical Dialogues

Program Staff

Michael Ignatieff
Carnegie Council Centennial Chair

Devin T. Stewart
Senior Program Director, Senior Fellow, and CNL Staff Adviser

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