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Civility in America Series, 2011

Philip Howard on Civility in Everyday Life | 12/06/11 Philip K. Howard, Joanne J. Myers Philip Howard argues that an excess of government regulations and the law has corroded the institutions of authority in our society, with many deleterious effects, and one of the victims of that is our sense of ethics and civility.

Henry Kaufman on Civility in the Financial Sector | 08/24/11 Henry Kaufman, Joanne J. Myers What is the underlying source of the current financial turmoil? It is not lack of technological knowledge about how to structure and to trade securities. It stems mainly from behavioral and ethical shortcomings, from regulatory failures, and from historical amnesia, says Henry Kaufman.

Charles Osgood on Civility in the Media | 07/20/11 Charles Osgood, Joanne J. Myers In every sector of American society, civility has declined, according to recent polls--from vicious political rhetoric to attacks in the blogosphere and lack of personal decency. How can the media play a positive role in restoring civility?

Steve Forbes on Civility in Corporate America | 07/05/11 Steve Forbes, Joanne J. Myers Economic uncertainty is a source of incivility, declares Forbes. He touches on education, politics, history, free markets, and the establishment of a new gold standard so people can be certain that the money in their pockets has some real value.

John Brademas and Mickey Edwards: Civility in Politics | 06/10/11 John Brademas, Mickey Edwards Two distinguished former politicians, one Democrat and one Republican, agree on concrete proposals for improving U.S. politics. They include campaign finance reform; abolishing gerrymandering; and encouraging our brightest young people to enter public service.

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