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Empire and Democracy

The Impact of Corporations on Global Governance | 05/07/04 John Ruggie, Charles Kolb, Dara O'Rourke, Andrew Kuper In this report of the Empire and Democracy Project three leading corporate social responsibility (CSR) experts discuss the growing influence of corporate power on democratic governance.

Promoting Democracy through International Law | 03/31/04 Aryeh Neier, Andrew Kuper, Richard Goldstone Failing to draw adequately on international law, the model of democracy promoted by the Bush administration is neither effective nor legitimate in the eyes of local populations and the international community.Actions are proposed by which the U.S. may regain its position as a standard-bearer on civil and political rights.

Multilateral Strategies to Promote Democracy | 01/27/04 Thomas Carothers, John Cavanagh, Michael W. Doyle, Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Andrew Kuper, Adam Przeworski, Mary Robinson, Joseph E. Stiglitz A panel of high-level peers meet at the Council to discuss multilateral strategies for democracy promotion. Impatient with the usual critique, they begin with two questions: What is the state of democratization in the world today? How have democracy promotion strategies changed since 9/11, given the transformed U.S. agenda of war on terror?

Democracy Gateway (2003) | 12/02/03 This gateway provides access to work by governmental and non-governmental institutions on promoting democracy around the world -- from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, Iraq to the United States. Links are annotated with concise descriptions of the organization's mission and current areas of focus, plus sample links to publications, reports, speeches, and/or events on democracy.

Empire Bibliography (2003) | 11/12/03 A comprehensive resource for policy-makers, scholars, and commentators concerned about empire and its alternatives. Contains an annotated list of key texts on American Empire; bibliographies on the American Empire Debate; Unilaterism vs. Multilateralism; Globalization & Governance; U.S. Foreign Policy; Democracy & Empire; History of Empire; Classics Texts; and Key Speeches.   

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