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Political Futures, 2009

"Political Futures" is a series of video conversations between Ian Bremmer (Eurasia Group) and Joel Rosenthal (Carnegie Council) on the risks to look out for in 2009. Learn More »

What are the biggest risks to our public security overseas in places like Iraq and Afghanistan? What about domestic risks?

Ian Bremmer Joel Rosenthal
Ian Bremmer Joel Rosenthal

What are the potential "black swans"—unexpected threats—for 2009?

In a series of video conversations, Ian Bremmer (President, Eurasia Group) and Joel Rosenthal (President, Carnegie Council) discuss political risks for 2009.  See if you agree with their conclusions.  

View the entire videos, or individual segments.

YouTubeJoin the conversation! These segments are also available on our YouTube channel, where you can post comments.

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