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Carnegie New Leaders

Past Events

Move Over, Black Swan: Here Comes the Gray Rhino | 06/14/16
Michele Wucker
While the sheer size of the 2008 financial crisis may have been an unforeseeable "black swan," the market speculation and imbalances behind it were not. Each of the underlying causes--the housing bubble, problems with credit default swaps, and poor risk management--was a highly obvious threat: that is, a "gray rhino." Why do policy and business leaders consistently fail to deal with imminent crises in time to prevent widespread damage? (Carnegie New Leaders)

Citizenship, Identity, and Conflict in South Asia's Borderlands | 11/13/14
Suchitra Vijayan
Suchitra Vijayan is working on a 9,000-mile journey through South Asia, which has taken her to Afghanistan and Pakistan, the disputed territory of Kashmir, and India's borders with Burma and China. What can this project tell us about the effects of borders on human lives and events? (Carnegie New Leaders)

Peaceland: Conflict Resolution and the Everyday Politics of International Intervention | 10/01/14
Séverine Autesserre
Why do international peace interventions often fail to reach their full potential? Based on several years of research in conflict zones around the world, Barnard professor Séverine Autesserre will demonstrate how everyday elements strongly influence peacebuilding effectiveness. What are some innovative ways to better help host populations and build a sustainable peace? (Carnegie New Leaders)

How to Prevent Another Great Recession | 09/18/14
Asli Ay
In the run-up to the Great Recession, lawmakers and regulators confused correlation with causation and symptoms with the disease, and bent the reality to suit their political rhetoric, effectively planting the seeds of the next crisis. What can we learn from this experience that would allow us to improve our system of growth and opportunity called capitalism? (Carnegie New Leaders)

The Invisible Casualties Of America's Longest Wars | 05/01/14
Molly O'Toole
From veteran suicide to military sexual assault, today's 1.4 million active-duty military members and nearly 22 million veterans have suffered unprecedented, invisible casualties. As two of the longest conflicts in U.S. history draw to a close, both the American government and public are woefully unprepared for the invisible war that is coming home. (Carnegie New Leaders)

The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist: When Girl Meets Oil | 04/09/14
Christine Bader
There is an invisible army of people deep inside the world's biggest and best-known companies, pushing for safer and more responsible practices. They are trying to prevent the next Rana Plaza factory collapse and the next Deepwater Horizon explosion. Obviously, they don’t always succeed. Author and scholar Christine Bader will discuss her time at BP as a member of this invisible army. (Carnegie New Leaders)

A Film Screening & Conversation with Luis Moreno-Ocampo: "Watchers of the Sky" | 03/28/14
Luis Moreno-Ocampo
"Watchers of the Sky" is an educational documentary film directed by Edet Belzberg on the origins of genocide and the function of law in controlling it, with a focus on the work of Raphael Lemkin, a Polish lawyer of Jewish descent. The film recently won the Special Jury Award and the Documentary Editing Award at Sundance Film Festival. Carnegie New Leader Eddie Mandhry will lead a discussion with former ICC chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo, one of the subjects of the film, after a screening of an abridged version of the movie. (Carnegie New Leaders)

Russia's Central Asian Workforce: Why are Xenophobia and Nationalism on the Rise? | 02/27/14
Vicki Litvinov
After the United States, Russia is the second largest recipient of migrant labor in the world. And 80 percent of its migrants come from the former Soviet Union, many from countries in Central Asia that depend on the remittances that workers send home to their families. As this sector of the workforce increases, so has anti-migrant sentiment. How are nationalism, xenophobia, and labor migration intersecting in Russia today? What is the role of the government and the media? (Carnegie New Leaders)

Mobilize Your People Like Obama: Applying Lessons from the 2012 Campaign to Your Everyday Work | 01/30/14
David Osborne
In 2012, Barack Obama won a hard-fought victory in a campaign driven by advanced community organizing tactics, big data, and technology. Spend an evening in an interactive workshop with Obama campaign alum David Osborne, who will show how lessons from the campaign can lead you to inspire your teams to rally around goals and achieve greater results. He'll also talk about how values can inform mobilizing strategy, and some of the tough ethical questions that came up in the course of the campaign. (Carnegie New Leaders)

CNL Holiday Party and Program Update | 12/18/13
Come celebrate the holiday season with Carnegie New Leaders! Catch up with some familiar faces, meet new members, and hear about what is in store for 2014. Most importantly, we'd like to gather you all together to celebrate another successful year of CNL programming. We look forward to seeing you at this joyous occasion! (Carnegie New Leaders)

Global Environmental Change and the Rise of Emerging Infectious Diseases | 11/13/13
Elizabeth Loh, Kris Murray, Sarah Elwood
EcoHealth Alliance scientists Kris Murray, Elizabeth Loh, and Sarah Elwood will explore how land-use change can result in the emergence of novel diseases, and discuss how this unintended public "bad" might be valued from an ecosystem services perspective. Understanding the value of "ecosystem health services," and in particular tallying up the costs of disease emergence due to land-use change, could be an important component in how we evaluate the net worth of intact ecosystems and future land-use development decisions. (Carnegie New Leaders)

Protecting Women Refusing to be Victims of Violence | 10/15/13
Layli Miller-Muro
Layli Miller-Muro is founder and executive director of the Tahirih Justice Center, one of the nation’s foremost pro bono legal advocacy organizations working to protect immigrant women and girls from violence through national-level public policy advocacy and legal services. Since 1997, Tahirih has helped over 14,000 women and children who have fled domestic violence, rape, human trafficking, female genital mutilation, "honor" crimes, forced marriage, and other abuses. (Carnegie New Leaders)

The Ethics of Hacking Back: Cybersecurity and Active Network Defense | 09/18/13
Robert Clark, Chris Rouland
Current U.S. law prohibits many "hacking back" techniques, designed to raise the cost of cyber intrusions for adversaries. Yet the government cannot and will not defend private sector networks. This panel discussion will reflect on the implications for government and the private sector if U.S. cyber policy were to support active defense measures. (Carnegie New Leaders and Ethics Matter Series)

The Evolving Role of a CFO in a Public Company | 09/10/13
Michael Geltzeiler
In this interactive discussion, we will speak to Michael Geltzeiler about his personal experiences of what the various constituents expect from a public company CFO in today's environment and the challenges he has faced along the way. (Carnegie New Leaders)

Carnegie New Leaders: Public Corruption in New York: What Have We Learned? | 06/20/13
Brendan R. McGuire
This event will feature a prosecutor's take on the legal and ethical challenges posed by public corruption in New York. (Carnegie New Leaders)

Carnegie New Leaders: A Discussion with Independent Diplomat's Carne Ross | 05/21/13
Carne Ross
Carne Ross is a former British diplomat who resigned over the Iraq War. His latest book is "The Leaderless Revolution" and as the head of Independent Diplomat, he advises democratic but marginalized governments and political groups. He will lead a discussion on ethical leadership. (Carnegie New Leaders)

Carnegie New Leaders: Film Screening - "Uprising" | 02/27/13
Fredrik Stanton
"Uprising" tells the story of the Egyptian revolution from the perspective of its leadership and key organizers, their struggle for freedom against tremendous odds, their sacrifice, and the courage and ingenuity that allowed them to succeed. (Carnegie New Leaders)

Carnegie New Leaders: How To Be Good | 01/23/13
Randy Cohen
If we can reach a rough consensus on right and wrong--don't lie, don't cheat, don't steal--why don't we all behave virtuously? Writer Randy Cohen explores the idea that the answer lies not in our characters but our circumstances, and discuss how to create the kind of communities--in our neighborhoods, our schools, our businesses--in which we are likely to behave admirably. (Carnegie New Leaders)

Carnegie New Leaders: Holiday Party and Program Update | 12/05/12
Come celebrate the holiday season with other Carnegie New Leaders over wine and cheese in the Council's lovely Swiss Room and Board Room. (Carnegie New Leaders)

Carnegie New Leaders: Innovation and Leadership in 21st Century Media | 11/12/12
Doug Mitchell
Leadership expert Doug Mitchell discusses emerging trends and ways young people can create innovations that impact the direction of media in the 21st century. Mitchell mentors a diverse array of college and young media professionals, and consults with public media stations to help them capitalize on opportunities that cutting-edge media tools can bring. (Carnegie New Leaders)

Carnegie New Leaders: Why and How the Eurozone Crisis Will Be Solved | 10/16/12
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard
In this Carnegie New Leaders gathering, economist Jacob Funk Kirkegaard will discuss why his outlook for Europe is relatively rosy. Kirkegaard is a research fellow at the Peterson Institute in Washington DC. He has testified on the European debt crisis before Congress, and commented on PBS NewsHour, Bloomberg, CNNMoney, and other media outlets. (Carnegie New Leaders)

Is the World Becoming More Peaceful? | 09/27/12
Robert D. Kaplan, Steven Pinker
Join us for a vigorous discussion between two leading thinkers in global affairs -- Harvard professor Steven Pinker and "Atlantic" correspondent Robert D. Kaplan -- as they take on the subject of world peace, a core interest of Carnegie Council. Joel H. Rosenthal, president of Carnegie Council, will moderate. (Ethics Matter, Carnegie New Leaders)

CNL Film Screening: "The Waste Land" | 07/19/12
This critically acclaimed documentary explores identity, aid, and artistic expression in a community of Brazilian trash pickers outside Rio de Janeiro. Documentarian Lucy Walker follows the Brooklyn-based Brazilian artist Vik Muniz as he collaborates with the trash pickers to create large-scale artworks, and then sets up long-term aid for the community. (Carnegie New Leaders)

Beyond the Checkbook: New Models for Corporate Philanthropy | 06/26/12
Nicole Carta, Sarah Kroon Chiles, Graham Macmillan, Brian Walsh
This interactive workshop will feature Citi Foundation, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Liquidnet for Good, and the UN Population Fund. Business leaders and Carnegie New Leaders will discuss emerging trends in corporate philanthropy, and explore strategies to leverage corporate resources and expertise to benefit society and business in a responsible and ethical way. Carnegie New Leader and Open Society Foundation Program Officer Masha S. Feiguinova will moderate the workshop. (Carnegie New Leaders Program) (Workshops for Ethics in Business)

Carnegie New Leaders: What Does It Mean to Prevent Genocide? | 06/12/12
Tibi Galis, Kyle C. Matthews
Tibi Galis, executive director of the Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation, discusses the question "What does it mean to prevent genocide?" and the distinction he sees between genocide prevention and military intervention policies. (Carnegie New Leaders Program)

Carnegie New Leaders: Planet Money Tells the Story of Sovereign Debt | 04/24/12
Zoe Chace, Caitlin Kenney, Joseph Amann
NPR's Planet Money team employs relatable story-telling techniques to analyze complex financial issues. In this multimedia presentation, reporter Zoe Chace and producer Caitlin Kenney will put the European debt crisis in context and talk about their on-the-ground reporting of its financial, political and ethical implications. (Carnegie New Leaders Program)

Carnegie New Leaders Event - Lessons from the Old Guard: Can Gen Y Best the Challenges that Bettered the Baby Boom? | 01/18/12
Brian Michael Till
Author Brian Michael Till discusses the insights for ethical leadership he discovered while writing "Conversations with Power." (Carnegie New Leaders Program)

Carnegie New Leaders: Holiday Party and Program Update | 12/08/11
Come celebrate the holiday season with other Carnegie New Leaders! (Carnegie New Leaders Program)

Carnegie New Leaders Event - Young Leaders as a Strategic Asset in the U.S. Military: Talent and National Security | 11/12/11
Colonel Michael J. Gould (Commander, U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Hamilton), Commander Erin A. McAvoy (U.S. Navy), Captain Albert Vallejos (Southwest Outreach Officer, West Point), Colonel German J. Velez (U.S. ret.)
This second CNL event with Fort Hamilton will focus on young leaders as a strategic asset and provide for a unique platform to discuss leadership questions and national security with senior military officials as well as young officers with battlefield experience. (Carnegie New Leaders Program)

Carnegie New Leaders Event - Journalism's New World | 11/02/11
Barbara Crossette
Please join us for a look at how international reporting has changed dramatically over a few decades: new dangers, new competitors, and new ethical and professional challenges. (Carnegie New Leaders Program)

Carnegie New Leaders Event: Decision Points: The American Dream in the Balance | 09/07/11
Sam Speedie
In commemorating the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, Sam Speedie examines the public-sector response and how it can obstruct high-quality leadership in public service. (Carnegie New Leaders Program)

Foundations for Change: Businesses, Governments and NGOs Scaling Impact Together | 11/18/10
Caleb McClennen, David Salpeter, Zarinés Negrón
Today, it is a basic principle for businesses, NGOs, and governments to expand their impact by collaborating. Unfortunately, the leadership skills needed to successfully navigate between all three types of organizations are rarely developed and even more rarely defined. This interactive discussion will identify and address these skills gaps.

Carnegie New Leaders Event: Forty Years After Friedman: What is the Proper Role of Business in Society? (with live webcast) BY INVITATION ONLY | 09/13/10
Christine Bader, Jeffrey Hittner
In light of financial reform and the BP oil spill, Christine Bader will lead the Carnegie New Leaders in an interactive discussion of corporate social responsibility. This event is part of the Council's second annual SEPTEMBER SUSTAINABILITY MONTH.

There are no events for Carnegie New Leaders.

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