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William Easterly

William Easterly

William Easterly is professor of economics at New York University, joint with Africa House, and Co-Director of NYU's Development Research Institute. He is also a non-resident fellow of the Center for Global Development in Washington D.C.

Easterly is co-editor of the Journal of Development Economics, and founder of the Aid Watch blog.

He spent 16 years as a research economist at the World Bank.

His books include  The White Man's Burden: Why the West's Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good (Penguin, 2006) and The Elusive Quest for Growth: Economists' Adventures and Misadventures in the Tropics (MIT, 2001).

Selected Publications:

Globalization: What's New? (2005) (co-author)


Research Area:

Economic development and growth
Macroeconomics of developing countries
Foreign aid

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2011

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