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Tim Dunne

Timothy Dunne is an international relations theorist who writes across a broad range of topics, including constructivism and realism.

He is head of the department of politics in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Exeter. From 1998 to 2002, he was associate editor of the Review of International Studies, and from 2000-2004, associate editor of the International Journal of Human Rights.

Selected Publications:

Worlds in Collision: Terror and the Future of Global Order (Editor with Ken Booth, 2002)
Empires, Systems and States: Great Transformations in World Politics (Editor with Ken Booth & Michael Cox, 2002)
How Might We Live? Global Ethics for a New Century (Editor with Ken Booth & Michael Cox, 2001)
The Interregnum: Controversies in World Politics 1989–1999 (Editor with Michael Cox & Ken Booth, 1999)
Human Rights in Global Politics (Editor with Nicholas J.Wheeler, 1999)
Inventing International Society: A History of the English School (1998)
The Eighty Years’ Crisis: International Politics, 1919-1999 (Editor with Michael Cox & Ken Booth, 1998)


Last Updated: Dec 09, 2010

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