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Sissela Bok

Sissela Bok is a senior visiting fellow at the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies. She was formerly a professor of philosophy at Brandies University.

She has written extensively on topics in the fields of bioethics, practical ethics, biography, and public affairs. Bok is a former member of the Pulitzer Prize Board, and serves on the editorial boards of a number of journals

Selected Publications:

Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide (co-autor, with Gerald Dworkin and R.G. Frey, 1998)
Mayhem: Violence as Public Entertainment (1998)
Common Values (1996)
Alva Myrdal: A Daughter’s Memoir (1991)
A Strategy for Peace: Human Valuesand the Threat of War (1989)
Secrets: On the Ethics of Concealment and Revelation (1982)
Ethics Teaching in Higher Education (Editor, with Daniel Callahan, 1980)
Lying: Moral Choice in Private and Public Life (1978)
Dilemmas of Euthanasia (Editor, with John Behnke, 1975)


Last Updated: Dec 09, 2010

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