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Robert L. Phillips

Robert L. Phillips is director of the Program for War and Ethics and professor of philosophy, University of Connecticut at Hartford.

Selected Publications:

Humanitarian Intervention (1996) 
"Jus In Bello: Combatancy, Non-Combatancy, and Non-Combatant Immunity" in The Justification and Limitation of War in Western and Islamic Cultural Traditions (1990)
"Terrorism: Historical Roots and Moral Justifications" in Terrorism, Protest, and Power (1990)
"Jus In Bello" in Right Conduct (1989)
"Is there an Ethic to NATO?" in Ethics and International Affairs (1987)
War and Justice (1984)
Northern Ireland: Preconditions for Peaceful Negotiations (1983)
The Philosophy of War (1975)


Last Updated: Jan 21, 2011

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