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Rhoda E. Howard

Rhoda Howard-Hassmann is Canada Research Chair in International Human Rights at Wilfrid Laurier University, and a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Her current research project is on the question of what the Western world owes Africa. She has also established a website on political apologies.

Howard-Hassmann has been a vsiting researcher or professor at five universities, and has presented invited lectures at many others. She is a member of ten journal and press editorial boards.

Howard-Hassmans book Compassionate Canadians: Civic Leaders Discuss Human Rights (2003) was named 2004 Outstanding Book by the Human Rights Section of the American Political Science Association.

Selected Publications:

Economic Rights in the United States and Canada (2006)
Human Rights and the Search for Community (1995)
An International Handbook of Human Rights (Co-editor, 1987)
Human Rights in Commonwealth Africa (1986)
Colonialism and Underdevelopment in Ghana (1978)


Last Updated: Dec 09, 2010

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