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Jelena Subotic

Jelena Subotic, while an advanced degree candidate at Syracuse University, worked with the Program on the Analysis of Conflict (PARC). She is completing a doctorate in political science at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Selected Publications:

“Politics in the Raw,” in The Art of Truth-Telling About Authoritarian Rule (2005)
"Reproductive Rights and the State in Croatia and Serbia" (with Jeremy Shiffman and Marina Skrabalo), in Social Science and Medicine 54:4 (2002)
“Broadcasting For Restraint: Crisis Reduction Through UN-Supported Media Initiatives” (with Peter Loizos and Gordon Adam), in Ethnic Conflict and International Security, in the series “Peacekeeping and Multinational Operations” (1994) [Originally published as London School of Economics Discussion Paper No. 11, 1994]


Research Area:

international relations theory, international organizations, human rights, domestic politics of international relations, transitional justice, democratization, nationalism, political culture, East European politics, European Union enlargement

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2011

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