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Humayun Rasheed Choudhury

Humayun Rasheed Choudhury (1928-2001) joined the Bangladesh war of liberation in 1971 and served as chief of the mission in New Delhi. He served as a diplomat in Rome, Baghdad, Paris, Lisbon, Jakarta and New Delhi. He was the ambassador of Bangladesh to the Federal Republic of Germany (1972-1976), Ambassador of Bangladesh to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Ambassador to the United States. Choudhury was a member of the cabinet of President Hussain Muhammad Ershad (1985-86) in charge of the ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Choudhury was elected president of the 41st session of the UN General Assembly and was a member of the International Institute of Strategic Studies, London. In 1984, the University of William and Mary awarded him the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Prize in recognition of his contribution to world peace through his diplomatic activities.


Last Updated: Sep 20, 2006

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