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Elizabeth K. P. Wong

Carnegie Council Fellow (2002-2003)

Elizabeth K. P. Wong

Elizabeth K. P. Wong is Secretary-General of the National Human Rights Society, in Malaysia, and board member of Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram), a human rights organization. Before becoming a board member, Wong acted as coordinator for Suaram’s national campaign against the Bakun Hydroelectric Dam, establishing the Documentation and Monitoring Department and overseeing the production of the Annual Malaysian Human Rights Report. Wong also worked in Kathmandu, Nepal, as researcher and lobbyist for Rural Reconstruction Nepal, where she established departments in Publications and Documentation, and in Advocacy, Lobbying and Networking.

As a Carnegie Council Fellow (2002-2003), Wong researched the changing perceptions of rights and security in Malaysia post–September 11.

Selected Publications:

“Assessment of the National Human Rights Commission 2000-2002,” Suaram newsletter (April 2002).

“Perceptions of Non-Muslims on ‘PAS’ Islamic State,” in KONSEP, (June 2002).

“Between Form and Substance: Advocating Syaria’ Law in Indonesia and Malaysia,” June 2002.

“Crackdown with a Blessing,”Human Rights Dialogue Series 2, Number 8 (Fall 2002).


Last Updated: Dec 05, 2006

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