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D. Michael Lindsay

D. Michael Lindsay

D. Michael Lindsay is assistant professor of sociology at Rice University where he is also the faculty associate of Leadership Rice and assistant director of the Center on Race, Religion and Urban Life at Rice University. In addition, he is a Rice Scholar at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy.

Lindsay’s work focuses on leadership, religion, and culture. In 2003 he initiated the PLATINUM Study, a large-scale examination of Public Leaders in America Today and the Inquiry into their Networks, Upbringing, and Motivations.

Lindsay served for several years as the consultant for religion and culture to the George H. Gallup International Institute. There he directed several national surveys on a range of topics. Lindsay and George Gallup, Jr., co-authored two books, and appeared frequently in the national media and on the lecture circuit discussing matters surrounding faith and society.

D. Michael Lindsay earned his Ph.D. in sociology at Princeton University, where he was named a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow in 2002 and the Harold W. Dodds Fellow in 2004.


Last Updated: Jul 16, 2013

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