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Arun Agrawal

Arun Agrawal

Arun Agrawal is professor and associate dean for research in the School of Natural Resources & Environment at the University of Michigan.

His research and teaching focus on the politics of international development, institutional change and environmental conservation. He has written extensively on indigenous knowledge, community-based conservation, common property, population and resources, and environmental identities.

Recent interests include the decentralization of environmental policy (especially forestry and wildlife), and the emergence of the environment as a subject of human concern. His work has focused mainly on South Asia although recent projects include other developing countries in Africa and Latin America.

Selected Publications:

Greener Pastures: Politics, Markets, and Community among a Migrant Pastoral People .Durham NC: Duke University Press, 1999
Environmentality. Technologies of Government and the Making of Subjects. Duke University Press, 2004


Last Updated: Dec 07, 2010

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