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Ali A. Mazrui

Ali A. Mazrui is Schweitzer Professor of the Humanities; director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies; and professor of political science, African studies and philosophy, interpretation, and culture at the State University of New York at Binghamton.

Mazrui is a fellow of the African Academy of Sciences; vice-president of the World Congress of Black Intellectuals; distinguished visiting professor, Ohio State University; vice-president of the International African Institute; and a member of the Pan-African Advisory Council to UNICEF, the United Nations Commission on Transnational Corporations, the Council of African Advisors of The World Bank, and the Advisory Board of Directors of the Detroit Chapter of AFRICARE. Mazrui serves on the editorial and advisory boards of many journals.

Selected Publications:

The African Predicament and the American Experience: A Tale of Two Edens (2004)
Black Reparations in the Era Of Globalization (with Alamin Mazrui, 2002)
The Titan of Tanzania: Julius K. Nyerere’s Legacy (2002)
The Scholar: Between Thought and Experience (Co-editor with Parviz Morewedge and Isidore Okpewho, 2001)
Political Culture of Language: Swahili, Society and the State (with Alamin M. Mazrui, 1999)
The African Diaspora: African Origins and New World Identities (Co-editor with Isidore Okpewho and Carole Boyce Davies, 1999)
Cultural Forces in World Politics (1990)
The Africans: A Triple Heritage (1986)


Last Updated: Jan 07, 2011

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