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"Making a Difference:" Carnegie Council Student Competition on Sustainability

 Making a Difference: Carnegie Council Student Competition on Sustainability

As a follow-up to its September Sustainability Month, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs announces a student competition.

Contestants may submit an essay or a short YouTube clip.

They may choose to address the issues in one or all of the following five Global Ethics Corner segments. (Please note that each segment has links to the audio and text):


  • Style: "Op-ed" style (not academic, foot-noted papers)
  • Length: 1,000 to 1,500 words


  • Style: Talking heads, still images, video—all are fine
  • Length: 4 to 6 minutes maximum
  • IMPORTANT: If using images, they must be copyright free, or you must obtain copyright. We recommend using All images must be properly credited at the end of the video.



Essay: Please email your entries to: Please include your full name, address, email, age, and student affiliation. Please state which GEC you are addressing.

Video: You can find all the Global Ethics Corner segments at Please upload your entry (with your name on it) as a response to one of the five listed above. Please also send a separate email to with your full name, address, email, age, and student affiliation. If your entry addresses more than one GEC segment, please say so in your email.

All students, from high school through to graduate students, are eligible. Non-students are automatically disqualified.


1st prize: $250 Amazon Gift Certificate

2nd prize: $150 Amazon Gift Certificate 

3rd prize: $75 Amazon Gift Certificate 

All winners also receive a copy of Ethics & International Affairs: A Reader

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