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Menu of Giving Opportunities

Promoting Ethics through Global Education

Founded by Andrew Carnegie in 1914, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is an educational, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that produces lectures, publications, and multimedia materials on the ethical challenges of living in a globalized world. Its work is rooted in the premise that the incorporation of moral principles into discussions of international affairs will yield a more peaceful, just world. The educational value of the Council's programs lies in its three-part formula: thematic focus on ethics, access to world-renowned experts, and an in-house studio that produces original video and audio resources for a global market.

Below is a list of the opportunities to support the Council's mission and work. For more information on how you can get involved, please contact: Mladen Joksic, grants manager, at (212) 838-4120 or

Overview of Giving Opportunities:

1. Semi-Annual Fund Drives
2. Subscriber Opportunities
3. Friends Committee
4. Core Program Support
5. Centennial Support
6. Global Ethics Network Support
7. Carnegie Ethics Studio Support
8. Fellow Sponsorship
9. Work Study Program Support
10. Publications
11. Website
12. Capital Projects
13. Planned Giving
14. Matching Gifts
15. Corporate Membership
16. Institutional Membership

1. Semi-Annual Fund Drives

Contributions to our Spring and Fall fund drives provide the Council with unrestricted support for our work. Fund drive support allows us to continue providing our internationally renowned educational resources free of charge, and helps sustain the record of excellence our audience has come to expect.

Spring drives are held during May and June of each year. Fall drives are held during November and December. Fund Drive contributions are 100 percent tax-deductible

To contribute to our semi-annual Fund Drives please contact: Jocy Sargologo at (212) 838-4120 or

2. Subscriber Opportunities

For those interested in attending our events, Carnegie Council offers several subscriber levels:

  • Individual Subscriber ($500) - Admission for one person to all Public Affairs Program events (approx. 50) in one program season (September through June)

  • Dual Subscriber ($750) - Admission for two to all Public Affairs Program events during one program season

  • Patron Subscriber ($1,000) - Admission for two to all Public Affairs Program events and select events hosted by other Council programs during one program season

  • Distinguished Patron ($5,000) - Admission for two to all Carnegie Council events, including special "invitation only" events. Distinguished patrons also enjoy priority invitation and seating

Subscribers at all levels receive a 24 percent discount for a subscription to our journal Ethics & International Affairs; a complimentary copy of our quarterly print bulletin; our monthly eNewsletter, and acknowledgment in the Council's Annual Report.

To become a subscriber please contact: Jocy Sargologo at (212) 838-4120 or

3. Friends Committee

Carnegie Council's Friends Committee is comprised of supporters of our mission who have made a special commitment to advise the Council's leaders and help us in other ways as we plan for our Centennial activities in 2012-2015. This exclusive group of advisors and investors is playing a critical role in raising the visibility of the Council's work and deepening our impact.

Friends Committee Member ($10,000+; all but $1000 is tax-deductible) - Special access to high-level experts and speakers; opportunities to host receptions and special events; regular personal meetings and communication with Carnegie Council leadership.

For more information on how you can become a Friends Committee member, please contact: Melissa Semeniuk, assistant to the president, at (212) 838-4120 or

4. Core Program Support

Carnegie Council hosts more than 80 public events each year. These events—which take the form of lectures, panel discussions, roundtables, conferences, workshops, symposiums, and interviews—are implemented within the core Carnegie Council programs found below.

Program supporters receive full recognition on all multimedia outputs, our website, and the Council's Annual Report. To discuss program sponsorship opportunities, please contact: Mladen Joksic, grants manager, at (212) 838-4120 or

  • Public Affairs Program

    Founded in 1975, Carnegie Council's signature Public Affairs Program provides a nonpartisan platform for prominent public intellectuals to discuss their most recent research, experiences, and opinions on current affairs issues. Participants include acclaimed authors, Nobel laureates, high-ranking UN officials, and more. Led by Program Director Joanne Myers, the program hosts approximately 40 lectures per year focusing on three broad themes: Ethics, War and Peace; Global Social Justice; and Religion in Politics.

    To support our Public Affairs Program, you may consider becoming a:

    Lecture Sponsor: $15,000 for one lecture including approx. 60-80 participants with post-event reception and multimedia recording and dissemination

    Program Supporter: $60,000 for a series of 4 lectures with multimedia and dissemination

    Program Sustainer: $150,000 supports 10 lectures with multimedia and dissemination

    Program Benefactor: $600,000 supports 40 lectures with multimedia and dissemination
  • Program on U.S. Global Engagement

    The Program on U.S. Global Engagement consists of a series of critical case studies exploring the promises and perils of U.S. global engagement with partners among established democracies (i.e. NATO), "problematic allies" (Russia, Pakistan), and non-allies (Iran, Syria). Directed by Senior Fellow David Speedie and comprised of interviews, papers, roundtable discussions, and conferences, the program explores important issues for U.S. foreign policy, such as missile defense, arms control, competition over resources in the Arctic, and American engagement with the Middle East.

    To support our Program on U.S. Global Engagement, you may consider becoming a:

    Roundtable Sponsor: $15,000 for one roundtable discussion with several speakers, approx. 30 participants, post-event reception, and multimedia recordings and dissemination

    Interview Series Sponsor: $25,000 for a series of audio/video interviews with leading experts and practitioners on U.S. foreign policy

    Research Sponsor: $50,000 supports research, publication, and dissemination of a series of white papers on a particular aspect of U.S. foreign policy

    Program Underwriter: $150,000 supports one year of USGE program activities with the possibility to suggest speakers and potential topics in USGE areas of interest

  • Workshops for Ethics in Business

    These interactive workshops join high-level executives with emerging business leaders, political risk experts, and key thinkers in the business ethics space. Workshop participants examine real-world and hypothetical cases to identify ethical principles and develop leadership and workplace strategies. Past participants have included representatives of Hewlett-Packard, Yahoo!, Google, General Motors, IBM, Pepsi, and Deutsche Bank.

    Workshops for Ethics in Business can be supported through:

    Corporate Membership

    Signature Series:$100,000 enables a thematic series of up to 4 workshops named in honor of the person or company of your choice*. Each workshop can serve approximately 30 participants and includes a luncheon. All workshops will also be recorded and disseminated through the Council’s network of media partners.
    * Carnegie Council reserves the right to re-name the series, if the person or company is responsible for unethical conduct.

  • Ethics Matter Series

    Ethics Matter is a monthly series of town-hall events featuring some of the world’s leading policymakers, academic experts, and activists. Conversations are taped in front of a live audience and broadcast on national TV stations across the country. A networking reception follows the taping.

    To support the Ethics Matter Series, you may consider becoming a:

    Discussion Sponsor: $15,000 supports one discussion with approx. 40-60 participants, post-event reception, and multimedia recording and dissemination

    Program Sustainer: $75,000 supports a half-season of Ethics Matter discussions (5 events) with post-event receptions and multimedia recordings and dissemination

    Program Underwriter: $150,000 supports all discussions for a single program year (10 events), including post-event receptions and multimedia recordings and dissemination

  • Carnegie New Leaders (CNL)

    CNL program provides the next generation of leaders (age 40 and under) with a deeper understanding of the ethical aspects of international affairs. In a series of small group meetings, young professionals explore how an ethical perspective can be applied to policy questions, as well as their personal and professional lives. CNL offers invaluable opportunities to network with peers and experts.

    CNL Member: $200 supports your admission to 12+ CNL events per season

    CNL Sponsor: $5,000 supports one CNL event (without multimedia recording)

    CNL Underwriter: $50,000 supports one season of CNL events

5. Carnegie Council Centennial

As part of its 2014 Centennial celebration, Carnegie Council is undertaking an ambitious three-year project, Ethics for a Connected World that connects leading public intellectuals, students, educators, and local communities from across the globe in the pursuit of a shared sense of responsibility—what we call a "global ethic." Through seminars, interviews, publications, multimedia, and collaborative educational projects, this transnational conversation will shed light on how shared ethical and moral values can be incorporated into action to confront international challenges. Like the work of Andrew Carnegie a century ago, our Centennial will help to redefine what it means to live in a global community.

As a multi-year project, extending from 2012-2015, Ethics for a Connected World is comprised of three interconnected components: Thought Leaders Forum; Educational activities; and international symposia.

To support our Centennial you may consider becoming a:

  • Centennial Sponsor: $100,000 supports one component for one year

  • Centennial Sustainer: $300,000 supports all three components for one year

  • Centennial Underwriter: $1 million supports the Centennial project for three years

Supporters at all levels will receive prominent acknowledgement at the Centennial events and throughout all of the Centennial's multimedia educational resources. For more on how you can support Carnegie Council's Centennial, please contact: Devin Stewart, senior program director, at (212) 838-4120 or

6. Global Ethics Network

Carnegie Council's Global Ethics Network provides a platform for educational institutions around the world to create and share interactive multimedia resources that explore the ethical dimensions of international affairs. The Network facilitates the development of new pedagogical tools, curricula, and partnerships between students and educators across the globe. In doing so, the Network encourages current and future generations to think in new ways about the ethics of pressing global challenges.

Through in-person faculty meetings and web-based collaboration, this initiative will provide a platform for students and educators to engage in intercultural dialogue and educational programming. With the support of our Studio, the Global Ethics Network will reach beyond the University setting and redefine the place of ethics in regional and international relations.

To support the Global Ethics Network, you may consider becoming a:

  • Network Sponsor: $50,000 supports the Network's annual coordination meetings

  • Network Sustainer: $100,000 supports students' collaborative multimedia projects

  • Network Underwriter: $500,000 supports one year of virtual and face-to-face programming within the Network

Supporters at all levels will receive prominent acknowledgement on all of the Network's multimedia educational products as well as its digital platform. For more on how you can support the Global Ethics Network, please contact: Devin Stewart, senior program director, at (212) 838-4120 or

7. Carnegie Ethics Studio

Under the direction of Executive Producer Deborah Carroll, the Council's in-house multimedia production facility, Carnegie Ethics Studio, has enabled the Council to become a global voice for ethics, reaching millions of viewers and listeners. Each year, the Studio creates and distributes hundreds of multimedia products, including edited TV shows, audio and video podcasts, video clips, audio/video interviews, and unabridged audios, highlight reels, live Webcasts, and transcripts of Council's lectures.

In addition to showcasing its products on the Council's websites and YouTube Channel, the Studio distributes them through a growing list of TV, radio, and online media partners (such as C-Span TV, CUNY TV, MHz Worldview Channel, New School Radio, Public Radio Exchange, iTunes and iTunes University)—all free of charge.

To support the Carnegie Ethics Studio, please consider becoming a:

  • Studio Sponsor: $100,000 supports the recording and editing of the Council's events

  • Studio Sustainer: $250,000 supports one year of production and distribution of original Studio content, including our weekly multi-media series, Global Ethics Corner, and Just Business, a series of audio interviews examining business and society

  • Studio Underwriter: $500,000 helps expand the Studio's technological capacities and its multimedia distribution network

Studio supporters will receive prominent acknowledgement on all of the Studio's multimedia educational products. For more on how you can support the Carnegie Ethics Studio, please contact: Deborah Carroll, executive producer, at (212) 838-4120 or

8. Carnegie Council Fellows

Carnegie Council Fellows are selected from a group of young and mid-career scholars and educators who break new ground on ethics in international public policy. Using the Carnegie Council's global resources, Fellows have a platform from which to teach, learn, and inspire.

Through original articles, lectures, study guides, case studies in global ethics, class exercises, and multimedia educational resources, our Fellows have become leading figures in the practice and study of ethics on the international stage.

To support a Carnegie Council Fellow, please consider a:

  • Non-resident Fellow Sponsorship: $50,000 supports the work of a non-resident fellow for one year

  • Resident Fellow Sponsorship: $150,000 supports the work of one resident fellow for one year

  • Named Fellowship Program: $500,000 supports a fellowship program named in honor of the person, family, company or organization of your choice

For more on how you can support Carnegie Council Fellows, please contact: Devin Stewart, senior program director, at (212) 838-4120 or

9. Work Study Program

Carnegie Council's Work Study Program meets students' demand for hands-on work experience that enhances their academic interest in international affairs. Founded in 1997, the Work Study Program has enabled over 25 students to assume positions at the Carnegie Council’s NYC Headquarters. Program participants gain insight into the day-to-day functioning of a professional organization, awarding students both administrative and programmatic experience.

To support a Work Study Program, please consider a:

  • Work Study Scholarship: $25,000 per year (for one student)

  • Work Study Double Scholarship: $50,000 per year (for two students)

For more on how you can support the Work Study Program, please contact: Eva Becker, vice president for finance and administration, at (212) 838-4120 or

10. Publications

Ethics & International Affairs Peer-reviewed Quarterly Journal

In publication since 1987, the journal has an international reputation for its distinctive focus on ethics, its attention to both long-standing and immediate issues, and its ability to attract senior scholars and new voices alike. The journal joins theory with practice by publishing original essays that integrate rigorous thinking about principles of ethics and justice into discussions of policies, existing international arrangements, and global institutions. Articles from the journal have appeared in over 1100 University online syllabi in 28 countries. As of 2011, the journal is published by Cambridge University Press, the world's leading academic publisher.

Advertising Rates for the Journal include:

  • Half Page Horizontal (5.5 x 4"): $295

  • Full Page (5.5 x 8"): $415

For more details on advertising rates for the Journal, please contact: Lisa Pang, journals advertising coordinator, Cambridge University Press, at (212) 337-5053 or

Policy Innovations Online Magazine

Through cutting-edge research, commentaries, briefings, policy papers, and blogs, Policy Innovations promotes strategies for sustainable development and a fairer globalization. With over 30,000 unique visitors each month, our online magazine serves as a global commons for the stories of how people are working toward a global ethic and solving local problems with innovative ideas.

To support Policy Innovations online magazine, please consider becoming a:

  • Policy Innovations Sponsor: $10,000 supports briefings on a particular issue

  • Policy Innovations Sustainer: $50,000 features the sponsor's logo in certain sections

  • Policy Innovations Underwriter: $100,000 features the sponsor's logo on every article posted throughout a one-year period

For more on how you can support Policy Innovations, please contact: Evan O'Neil, editor, at (212) 838-4120 or

11. The Carnegie Council Website

Our website,, is the primary source for all of the Council's educational multimedia products and articles. The thoughtful discussions produced by our speakers, staff, and fellows have formed a continually expanding "virtual library" of video and audio files and transcripts, all of which are made available free of charge through our website. Given the prominence of our featured speakers and the timeliness of our subject matter, this library has become an invaluable educational resource for teachers and students alike. With over 60,000 unique visitors each month, our website is the Council's chief tool in the promotion of ethics through global education. Our website features the logos and recognition of all of our supporters.

To support our website, please consider becoming a:

  • Website Sponsor: $25,000 covers the broad-band costs over one program year

  • Website Sustainer: $50,000 supports streaming podcasts from our website

  • Website Underwriter: $100,000 supports the expansion of our website's "virtual library"

For more on how you can support our website, please contact: Madeleine Lynn, director of communications, at (212) 838-4120 or

12. Capital Projects

Caring for Our Home - Carnegie Council has numerous projects planned for our home on East 64th Street. These much-needed projects have been delayed in the past as a result of financial limitations—thus increasing their urgency today. The planned capital improvements will rejuvenate the building, meet program demands, and increase the comfort and safety of the thousands of people that visit our events each year.

For more information on our capital projects, please contact: Eva Becker, vice president for finance and administration, at (212) 838-4120 or

13. Planned Giving

From our inclusion in estate plans to charitable gift annuities to charitable remainder trusts, planned gifts are essential to the future vitality and well-being of the Carnegie Council.

For more information on planned giving opportunities, please contact: Eva Becker, vice president for finance and administration, at (212) 838-4120 or

14. Matching Gifts

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. This can sometimes double or even triple the monetary value of an individual gift. Carnegie Council welcomes matching gifts as a generous and effective way to sustain our mission and core programs.

To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, please check with your Human Resources department.

15. Corporate Membership

Built around Workshops for Ethics in Business (WEB), the Council's Corporate Membership offers the corporate community a one-of-a-kind forum to gain new perspectives on the intersection between ethics, business, and international affairs. As a Corporate Member you will: have access to a diverse array of global affairs and educational corporate programs; network with business leaders and policymakers; discuss regional trends with the Council's pool of distinguished experts; and enjoy global brand exposure via Carnegie Ethics Studio. By becoming a Corporate Member you do not simply gain access to an invaluable company resource—you underline your company's commitment to the ethical business practices of the future.

Benefits of Annual Corporate Membership*:

In order to build lasting partnerships with our corporate members, we offer five membership tiers, each reflecting the different needs and goals of your company:

Supporter ($5,000)

  • Admission for two colleagues/clients to all WEB events

  • Admission for two colleagues/clients to select Public Affairs and U.S. Global Engagement events

  • Networking opportunities with high profile speakers and business leaders

Associate ($10,000)

All benefits of Supporter membership, plus:

  • Membership to the Carnegie New Leaders program for one employee (under 40)

  • Access to written briefings and analyses of issues discussed at WEB events

  • Brand recognition in the Council's annual report and Corporate Membership brochure

Contributor ($25,000)

All benefits of Associate membership, plus:

  • Admission for five colleagues/clients to all WEB events in a single program season

  • Opportunity for a company executive to introduce a workshop of your choice

  • Invitation to our annual dinner with the WEB Advisory Committee

  • Membership to the Carnegie New Leaders program for up to three employees (under 40)

  • Brand recognition on the Council's website

  • Opportunity to host a post-event reception at the Council's NYC headquarters

Sustainer ($50,000)

All benefits of Contributor membership, plus:

  • Admission for ten colleagues/clients to all WEB events

  • Global exposure of your company's brand through the Council's global media outlets

  • Private briefing with Carnegie Council Senior Fellow/consultant tailored to your company's interests

  • One seat on the Carnegie Council Friends' Committee for an executive (with accompanying benefits)

  • Special invitations for senior executives to attend private gatherings with Carnegie Council President Joel Rosenthal, VIP speakers, and thought leaders

Underwriter ($100,000)

All benefits of Sustainer membership, plus:

  • Speaking opportunity for a senior executive at one WEB event

  • Your company's logo and name featured prominently on the Council's regular Press Releases, picked up by major business news outlets and social media

  • One tailored, private workshop for your colleagues/clients, at Carnegie Council or your offices

*Carnegie Council reserves the right to terminate membership status, if a company is responsible for unethical conduct.

For more information on our corporate membership, please contact: Devin Stewart, senior program director, at (212) 838-4120 or

16. Institutional Membership

Institutional membership offers an unparalleled opportunity for educational, diplomatic, and non-profit organizations to take part in the critical conversations we hold each year at Carnegie Council. Our institutional membership plans offer your institution access to a truly global conversation on ethics with peers from around the world.

Benefits of Annual Institutional Membership:

Colleague ($2,500)

  • Special communications regarding all upcoming events and the Carnegie Council's latest work

  • Admission for any two employees to select Carnegie Council events

  • Invitations to post-event receptions

  • Distinctive recognition in the Annual Report and on the website

Collaborator ($5,000)

All benefits of Colleague membership, plus:

  • Special invitations to all Carnegie Council events with priority registration, priority seating, and opportunity to bring colleagues or students free of charge

  • Opportunity to co-host an event with the Carnegie Council (event expenses are not included) - Unique recognition on all the associated audio and video products

Partner ($10,000)

All benefits of Collaborator membership, plus:

  • Invitations to insider meetings and calls to discuss Carnegie Council programming and priorities with President Joel Rosenthal and program directors

  • Opportunity to host an activity at the Carnegie Council if it conforms to and supplements our mission (event expenses are not included) - Unique recognition on all the associated audio and video products

For more information on our institutional membership, please contact: Eva Becker, vice president for finance and administration, at (212) 838-4120 or

Download: Menu of Giving Opportunities (PDF, 109.64 K)

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