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"Justice, Culture and Tradition" Conference

Michael Walzer Michael Walzer

To recognize Michael Walzer's contributions to the ethical and political philosophy of the twentieth century, a conference titled Justice, Culture and Tradition will take place June 2-4, 2008 at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), Princeton, New Jersey. 

The academic committee of the conference includes Yitzhak Benbaji (Bar-Ilan University, Shalom Hartman Institute), Amy Gutmann (the University of Pennsylvania) and Avishai Margalit (IAS).     

The Conference will consider the following questions:

How should liberalism treat cultures, cultural diversity and cultural identities? 

How should the just society distribute resources and the goods social life produces?

When is waging war justified? What is the meaning of national self-defense and how is it related to self-defense in the domestic realm?

Is an international system constituted from fully sovereign states justified, or should the international society be federalized?

The political philosophy of the 20th century intensely explored the themes raised by these questions; however, a conception of the inter-relations among the issues they raise is still under-developed. A penetrating discussion of Walzer's philosophy will allow us to fill this gap.

Michael Walzer will attend and comment on the papers presented.

The conference is organized by Professor Yitzhak Benbaji of Bar-Ilan University and Shalom Hartman Institute.  

For more information, the conference agenda, abstracts of papers, and to register attendance, please see below.

All sessions are free and open to the public, and seating is on a first come, first served basis.  

The conference coordinator is Danielle Candy.

"Justice, Culture and Tradition" Conference Agenda
"Justice, Culture and Tradition" Conference Abstracts
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