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News and Corrections

This is a space intended for updates and corrections to the case studies. We welcome readers to submit any corrections they discover as well as relevant updates to the cases. Please contact Zornitsa Stoyanova.


Kada Yukiko, co-author of the Japan chapter, was elected Governor of Shiga Prefecture in Japan on July 2, 2006, on a "No Waste!" platform. Her victory, against an established and well-funded opponent, took Japan's political world by surprise. For more on this remarkable story go to  and to

The book review Section of China Rights Forum (2006, No.1) included an abridged version of the Introduction by Joanne Bauer.[PDF]

A short write up of the book appeared in Book News, Inc.


Page 188. The Kanyakumari District in incorrectly shown as part of the state of Kerala on the map. Kanyakumari is a district of the state of Tamil Nadu, and is located on the southern tip of India.

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