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Interviews with Educators

  • BUSINESS ETHICS: SETTING CONSTRAINTS AND PRIORITIES | 09/29/08 Author(s): Nien-he Hsieh, Matthew Hennessey Hsieh discusses personal responsibility, corporate responsibility, and what students can learn from the crisis on Wall Street.
  • ETHICS FROM CONSCIENCE AND EXAMPLE, NOT PH.DS | 06/18/08 Author(s): Gordon Marino, Matthew Hennessey "We are encouraging people to fall out of touch with their own views on things. We all have a conscience. But I think the ethics experts undercut our confidence to make our own moral judgments."
  • INTERVIEW WITH CELIA B. FISHER, DIRECTOR, CENTER FOR ETHICS EDUCATION | 12/17/07 Author(s): Celia B. Fisher, Matthew Hennessey Celia Fisher discusses the ethical responsibilities of pharmaceutical companies, the embryonic stem cell debate, and other issues.
  • ETHICS AND THE LEGAL PROFESSION | 11/14/07 Author(s): Jeffrey S. Brand, Matthew Hennessey If there were lawyers in the boardrooms and in uniform who stood up and said, "That is not the ethical thing to do," then we might have avoided Abu Ghraib or some of the U.S. corporate scandals. Those kinds of ethical lawyers, with the guts to do the right thing, can only get their training in one place. That's at the beginning, in the law schools.
  • TEACHING ETHICS AND INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS (#1) | 03/08/03 Author(s): Chris Brown, Mary-Lea Cox "The thing I find—and I believe I have this in common with everyone else teaching these subjects—is that students are characteristically relativist about ethics. They see ethics as being a matter of opinion rather than as a subject that can be taught."
  • TEACHING ETHICS AND INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS (#2) | 03/09/03 Author(s): Mary-Lea Cox, David Clinton "When I teach ethics, we look at the arguments in favor of relativism—I think it's important for students to do that. But I would find it difficult to teach a whole semester based on the idea that it's impossible to say what is right and what is wrong. It rather defeats the purpose!"
  • TEACHING ETHICS AND INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS (#3) | 03/10/03 Author(s): Albert C. Pierce, Mary-Lea Cox Al Pierce describes teaching the courses "Ethics and Military Force" and "Ethics and Statecraft" at the National War College, where the students are senior military officers, diplomats, and career civil servants.
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