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Annotated Links: Preserving the Remains of 9/11/01

Photo: U.S. National Park Service ( CREDIT: U.S. National Parks Service

Photo Tributes to the WTC Ruins

Shattered by James Nachtwey (Time Exclusive Photo Essay)
Extraordinary photos from the epicenter of the disaster... World Trade Center Site after Sept. 11 (FEMA Urban Search and Rescue)
Ground Zero the day after ... The Ruins of the World Trade Center (Wired New York)
The view from the barricades ... Pilgrimage: Looking at Ground Zero by Kevin Bubriski, with an afterword by Richard B. Woodward
Sightseers memorialize the destruction... [back to top]

Ruminations on Ruins and Their Value to Posterity

Why ruins make "stark and powerful memorials"... "Ruins" by Leon Wieseltier (New Republic Online, 11/26/01) [no longer available online]
On those who believe the WTC fragments imitate postmodernist art... "New York Needs Testament to Urban Life" by Whitney Gould (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/30/01) [no longer available online]
Creating a shrine out of the wreckage ... The World Trade Center is a Symbol: Architects Respond
Renowned architects ponder whether to "erase the erasure"...[back to top]

Rebuild, Bigger and Better

Don't Rebuild. Reimagine. By Herbert Muschamp (NY Times, 9/8/02). Public rejection of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation's "generic" designs inspires a group of famous architects to create a Master Plan [see also interactive feature]... A New World Trade Center (Max Protech Gallery)
Soon after the collapse of the Twin Towers, artists and architects dreamt of what might come next... Anything less is suicide by Sherri R. Tracinski (Ayn Rand Institute)
When colossal isn't big enough... "Honor in the Sky" by Frederick Turner (Tech Central Station) [no longer available online]
A memorial garden that scrapes the clouds... At Tower Site Vast Top Seen as Memorial by Tom McGeveran (NY Observer, 6/17/02)
A tower that fades into the air – with office space to spare... [back to top]

Examples from Around the Globe

Kaiser Wilhelm Gedachtnis Kirche in Berlin
At the City's heart, a church ruin testifies to the legacy of war... Coventry Cathedral – History
Bombed during WWII and then rebuilt; however, some of the ruins were preserved... A-bomb Dome Registered as World Heritage (Hiroshima City Web site)
8.15 a.m., August 6, 1945 – a moment captured in time... Uproar in Auschwitz by Dziennik Polski (Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum)
Memorial versus mall – local government argues for the right to commercial development... The UNESCO World Heritage List
Shrines, memorials and ruins from around the globe... [back to top]

Cultivation of Memory

The American Way of Dealing with Death by Jack Hitt (NY Times, 8/18/02)
On commemorating the life that was lived, not the manner of death... The Urgency of Memory by Bruce Cole (National Endowment for the Humanities)
The "danger of American amnesia"... History Responds Project (New York Historical Society)
Preserving the last traces of the World Trade Center ... Cameras Capture Ground Zero's Rebirth Step by Step by Rick Lyman (NY Times; Tampa Tribune, 8/18/02)
Archiving each moment of the rebuilding process... Metaphors of Terror by George Lakoff (University of Chicago Press)
Tall buildings are "metaphorically people"... [back to top]

Building on "Sacred Ground"

Memorializing Absence by Marita Sturken (Social Science Research Council)
Why we are preoccupied with memorializing the twin towers... NY Visions Memorials Process Team Briefing Book
An overview of NYC memorials... Families Advisory Program Subcommittee – Memorial Mission Statement
Victims' families offer guidelines for a future memorial [Word document] Listening to the City Online Dialogues
300 New Yorkers compare their visions for the 16-acre site... Competing visions at Ground Zero by Carolyn Barta (The Dallas Morning News)
The sacred and the commercial vie for the same space... [back to top]

Alternative Memorials

After the WTC Disaster: The Sacred, the Profane, and Social Solidarity by Janet Abu-Lughod (Social Science Research Council)
Spontaneous shrines versus official commemorations...
Recreating the towers out of beams of light... Living memorials: the Power of Trees (US Department of Agriculture)
Trees as "lasting, living memorials" Tadao Ando | Maya Lin | Richard Serra | James Turrell | Frank Gehry | Zaha Hadid
As the public calls for more innovative proposals, certain names keep resurfacing... Twin Piers: A 911 Memorial in New York Habor (Fred A. Bernstein)
Two piers mimic the Towers' shadows cast on the water... World Trade Center Regeneration (Harvard Design School)
Futuristic water clocks and footprints filled with water...
An open call for artists' reactions to 9/11 prompts 3,500 entries... Where 9/11 News is Late, but Aid is Swift by Marc Lacey (NY Times)
A Masai community sends cows in tribute to those lost...
Exhibiting the flyers of the missing... Art in Ashes, Drama in Dust by Michael Kimmelman (NY Times, 8/19/02)
A clothing-store owner near Ground Zero preserves his ruined displays... [back to top]

Online Memorials

Dichotomy: It Was a Matter of Time and Place
Witnesses to the tragedy recount their stories... The Sonic Memorial Project (Nationwide Public Radio Collaboration)
Archiving the sounds of the World Trade Center... Beth Carey | David F. Gallagher | Sara K. Schwittek | Cynthia Malaran
Testaments to destruction: Four New Yorkers bear witness in a series of personal photo essays... 49 of 2870 – A Memory of September 11 by Kevin Ryan (The Legacy Project). Part of an online exhibition devoted to artwork that deals with historical tragedy...
The World Trade Center: A Living Archive (Eric Darton)
A record of the World Trade Center teeming with life... America Remembers (
The day itself, the faces of the lost, the clean-up that followed... [back to top]

Updated: 2/8/2007

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