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Global Ethics Corner: Class Exercises

Global Ethics Corner (GEC) Description:

  • Two-minute videos on newsworthy ethical issues, with audio and text
  • Non-partisan
  • Each raises an issue and ethical choices, leaving the viewer to decide


Watch: Either on our website (with accompanying text) or on our dedicated YouTube channel

Do: Prepare to discuss in next class

Do: One or more of the following
A.Write a short reaction essay (op-ed) of 800–1200 words with supporting references and hand in

B. Create and upload a video:

  • write a script, with references
  • hand in the references
  • tape your video response of 2–3 minutes
  • upload the video to the Carnegie Council's YouTube channel
  • view the other students responses


Do: View responses from other global participants

Do: Begin a dialogue with them on their ideas

How often?
A. Weekly

B. Occasionally when the issue is relevant

C. Once

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