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HI: Humanitarian Intervention

HI-01-01 State Sovereignty and the Ethics of Intervention 08/04/09
This introduces a series of tensions: between order and justice in international society; between realist and liberal takes on humanitarian intervention; between current international legal and normative orders; and between thinkers commenting on the intervention issue over time.
Author(s): Adam Freeman

HI-01-02 Images, Empathy, and the Humanitarian Impulse 08/04/09
In this lesson we discuss the role of emotions in motivating the humanitarian impulse, and the role of media and elite in conditioning the way we view humanitarian crises and action.
Author(s): Adam Freeman

HI-01-03 Was the Iraq War a "Humanitarian" Intervention? 08/04/09
This lesson takes the form of a classroom debate to reenact a heated discussion that took place in the pages of "Ethics & International Affairs" in 2005 between the international lawyer, Fernando Tesón, and the international political theorist, Terry Nardin.
Author(s): Adam Freeman

HI-02-01 Somalia: A Failed Intervention? 08/04/09
What do the decisions to intervene in Somalia and the subsequent decision to withdraw tell us about the relationship between domestic politics and humanitarianism?
Author(s): Adam Freeman

HI-03-01 From the Right to Intervene to the Responsibility to Protect 08/04/09
With ongoing inaction and non-coordination over the certain crises around the globe, can the responsibility to protect gather sufficient support, strength—can it even survive—so that we no longer have to witness or suffer "Rwandas" or "Kosovos"?
Author(s): Adam Freeman

HI-03-03 Environmental Security and Ecological Intervention 08/04/09
Is environmental protection a legitimate reason to interfere in the affairs of another state? Is the answer to this question the same for state interference as for the behavior of private individuals? What should be the role of international organizations?
Author(s): Adam Freeman

BE = Business Ethics
CC = Climate Change
HI = Humanitarian Intervention

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