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CC: Climate Change

CC-01-01 Does Climate Change Exist? 08/04/09
Al Gore states that the world's scientists are overwhelmingly in agreement that the world is warming because of human activities. Does consensus equal truth? Is climate change real?
Author(s): Evan O'Neil

CC-01-02 Throwing Precaution to the Wind 08/04/09
What level of scientific certainty is required before we take concerted action to combat global warming? The precautionary principle advocates caution, but this can cut two ways.
Author(s): Evan O'Neil

CC-02-01 You Do It and You Clean It Up 08/04/09
Two primary questions impede international climate negotiations: Whose responsibility is it to act first? And, whose carbon is it?
Author(s): Evan O'Neil

CC-02-02 The Common Tragedy of Consumerism 08/04/09
Should the costs of mitigating carbon emissions and moving to a sustainable economy be borne by consumers directly, or passed on to them through the supply chain by the companies and retailers with which they do business?
Author(s): Evan O'Neil

CC-03-01 Crafting a Fair Climate Agreement 08/04/09
Has the Kyoto Protocol been effective? How can the right to pollute be allocated fairly across nations? Do poor people have the right to subsistence emissions for survival?
Author(s): Evan O'Neil

CC-03-02 Environment or Economy? 08/04/09
Many argue that mitigating carbon dioxide will prove too costly to the global economy. Can our economy grow and grow green?
Author(s): Evan O'Neil

BE = Business Ethics
CC = Climate Change
HI = Humanitarian Intervention

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