BE: Business Ethics

BE-01-01 Introduction to Business Ethics 08/18/09
Beyond obedience to the law, what responsibility do corporations have to act ethically or in the social interest?
Author(s): Devin T. Stewart, Christina Madden

BE-01-02 What is the Role of the Corporation in Society? 08/18/09
What is the best way to promote sustainable business practices and solve global problems?
Author(s): Devin T. Stewart, Christina Madden

BE-02-01 Corporate Human Rights Policies 08/18/09
Are voluntary initiatives such as the UN Global Compact strong enough to effect real change in corporate human rights policies?
Author(s): Devin T. Stewart

BE-02-02 Supply Chain Management 08/18/09
How can multinational corporations effectively manage supply chains and promote sustainable practices throughout their operations?
Author(s): Christina Madden

BE-03-01 Fighting Corruption 08/18/09
In the development community, there is significant debate whether to prioritize anti-corruption efforts over economic development.
Author(s): Devin T. Stewart

BE-03-02 The Green Economy 08/18/09
Corporations increasingly realize the need to make their business models more environmentally sustainable. But with the outburst of enthusiasm for environmental causes has come a lot of hype.
Author(s): Devin T. Stewart

BE = Business Ethics
CC = Climate Change
HI = Humanitarian Intervention

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