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The Essence of Ethics

  • ETHICS AND INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: A PRIMER Author(s): Joel H. Rosenthal Part I of this primer by Carnegie Council President Joel Rosenthal examines Background and Theories: Ethics as Practice, Ethics in Three Dimensions, Realism Reconsidered, and Legitimacy. Part II looks at Concepts and Methodologies: Pluralism, Rights and Responsibilities, Fairness, and Normative Shift.
    While discarding the conceit that all norms are equally valid, neither does the Council accept that there is only one acceptable lens through which to view ethical questions. Dialogue among societies with diverse ethical traditions is essential for cooperation on tough global problems.
  • THREE PILLARS OF ETHICAL CHOICE Author(s): William C. Vocke Jr. Pluralism; rights and responsibilities; fairness. These three pillars of ethical choice can guide both individuals and states in making decisions.
  • LEADERSHIP AS PRACTICAL ETHICS | 07/20/09 Author(s): Joel H. Rosenthal If we accept leadership as goal-driven and compromise-ridden, then we see that ethics should not be a peripheral to any public policy curriculum or program of leadership development. Ethics is neither a luxury nor a hurdle to be cleared. It is central to decision-making and leadership itself.
  • ETHICS AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS IN TODAY'S CLASSROOMS WITHOUT BORDERS | 07/14/10 Author(s): Colette Mazzucelli, A. Nicholas Fargnoli Today's students come to the classroom inundated with information from a myriad of electronic sources.  This essay focuses on ethical issues that students of international relations are likely to confront.
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