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Upcoming Events

  • U.S. Elections & Brexit: Can Liberalism Survive? | 09/08/16 (with live webcast) Nikolas K. Gvosdev, Stephen M. Walt From the rise of religious extremism and ISIS, to the growing influence of authoritarian and state capitalist countries like Russia and China, to the disintegration of the EU-U.S. relationship--liberalism is under siege. The Brexit vote has placed ever more urgency on this question and the U.S. election choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could serve as a referendum on how the country engages in world politics. Join us to hear perspectives on which values will dominate the future of global politics. (Senior Fellows Event)
  • Is Successful Integration Possible? Best Practices from North America and Europe | 09/15/16 (with live webcast) Oriol Amorós, Nisha Agarwal, Parvati Nair Around the world, people are on the move like never before. In 2015, the number of international migrants—people residing in a country other than the one of their birth—reached 244 million, of whom 65.3 million were refugees. How can host countries help migrants integrate into the schools, workforces, and cultures of their new communities? With both the United Nations and the Obama administration about to convene international conferences on migration, this session serves as a timely discussion of public administration best practices on this critical global issue. (Public Affairs Program)
  • Free Speech: Ten Principles for a Connected World | 09/28/16 (with live webcast) Timothy Garton Ash Today, anyone with an Internet connection can reach millions of people worldwide. Yet despite this flood of opinions freedom of speech is in peril, argues Timothy Garton Ash. Drawing on a lifetime of writing about dictatorships and dissidents, he argues that in today's connected world that he calls "cosmopolis," the way to combine freedom and diversity is to have more but also better free speech. Across all cultural divides we must strive to agree on how we disagree. (Public Affairs Program)
  • Major Security Challenges for the Next President | 09/29/16 (with live webcast) Jeffrey D. McCausland, David C. Speedie Jeffrey McCausland will address the following: (1) The role of retired military officers in politics; (2) The need to revisit the authorization for military force, last taken up by the Congress in 2001, but under which the United States is now engaged in military action in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia; (3) The core question of economics, since both major party candidates have pledged to increase the defense budget, despite the many domestic programs vying for funding. (U.S. Global Engagement Program)
  • The Constitution Today: Timeless Lessons for the Issues of Our Era | 10/05/16 (with live webcast) Akhil Reed Amar When today's headlines revolve around momentous constitutional questions, journalists and busy citizens do not always see the stakes clearly. Akhil Reed Amar, America's preeminent constitutional scholar, considers the biggest and most bitterly contested debates of the last two decades—from presidential dynasties to congressional dysfunctions—and shows how the Constitution's text, history, and structure are a crucial repository of collective wisdom, providing specific rules and grand themes relevant to every organ of the America body politic. (Public Affairs Program)
  • Global Ethics Day | 10/19/16
    We invite academic institutions around the world to use this day to hold events, such as lectures, film screenings, debates, panel discussions, or another educational activity to explore the idea of a "global ethic." In the tradition of a "teach-in" model, these events will be run by each institution as it sees fit while being part of a worldwide Global Ethics Day.
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