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Upcoming Events

  • Shades of Red and Blue: Uniting Our Divided Nation | 04/01/17
    This is a nonpartisan forum of six conversations featuring high-profile speakers from both sides of the political divide addressing some of the most pressing issues of our time through ethical, multi-faceted debate. Shades of Red and Blue takes place at that great symbol of democracy--the New York Public Library. Speakers include Salman Rushdie, Thomas M. Nichols, Anne-Marie Slaughter, John W. Dean, Leon Botstein, Jamil Dakwar, and more.
  • Toward Democracy: The Struggle for Self-Rule in European and American Thought | 04/05/17 (with live webcast) James T. Kloppenberg The story of democracy remains one without an ending, a dynamic of progress and regress that continues to our own day. In the classical age, "democracy" was seen as the failure rather than the ideal of good governance. Beginning in the 16th and 17th centuries, however, the reputation of democracy began to rise, resulting in changes that were sometimes revolutionary and dramatic, sometimes gradual and incremental. How have understandings of self-rule changed over time on both sides of the Atlantic? (Public Affairs Program)
  • Easternization: Asia's Rise and America's Decline from Obama to Trump and Beyond | 04/12/17 (with live webcast) Gideon Rachman Easternization is the defining trend of our age. The growing wealth of Asian nations over the last 50 years is transforming the international balance of power, bringing a near 500-year period of western dominance to a close.  A troubled but rising China is now challenging America's supremacy, and the ambitions of other Asian powers have the potential to shake the whole world. How will this turbulent process define politics in the 21st century? (Public Affairs Program)
  • Advancing Women's Rights in Two Muslim Countries: Qatar and Pakistan | 04/20/17 (with live webcast) Maleeha Lodhi, Alya Ahmed bin Saif Al-Thani While there are many misperceptions in the West about the problems faced by women in Muslim countries--including those images of veiled, home-bound, uneducated women--progress continues to be made to create a class of educated women ready to enter professions and contribute to society outside their homes. What opportunities have opened up and what still needs to be done? How are these two countries, Qatar and Pakistan, addressing the challenges and including women in the political/civil life of their countries? (Public Affairs Program)
  • The Coming War with China? The Ethics of Confrontation in the Pacific | 04/27/17 (with live webcast) Ian Buruma, Joshua Eisenman, Jennifer M. Harris This special panel in cooperation with the Strauss Center of the University of Texas, Austin, will examine the prospects for armed conflict in the Pacific and America's moral imperative to keep the peace while still maintaining its values and credibility. Is there an ethical justification to escalate? Can the United States and China avoid miscalculation and instead find common ground?
September 2016
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