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Multiple Events

Events for: 06/07/12

  • The Impossible State: North Korea, Past and Future | 06/07/12 Victor D. Cha With the obsessive personality cult surrounding the Kim family dynasty, repressive economic and cultural policies, and an appalling human rights record, North Korea is the world's most isolated and controversial state. How has this nation been able to survive as it has for over 60 years? (Public Affairs Program)
  • Special Screening of "Playing for Power: The Agents Who Derailed the Soviet Union" | 06/07/12
    Bringing together little-known archival footage and brand-new interviews, "Playing for Power" sheds light on the prominent and backroom players who brought Boris Yeltsin to power in 1991, but lost momentum during the implementation of democracy in Russia. (U.S. Global Engagement Program)
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