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Multiple Events

Events for: 04/24/12

  • Pakistan on the Brink: The Future of America, Pakistan and Afghanistan | 04/24/12 Ahmed Rashid As American forces withdraw from Afghanistan, what are the possibilities and hazards the U.S. is facing in regards to Pakistan? What is the state of the Taliban? And what tough choices does President Obama have to make as he faces a complicated relationship with Pakistan and a reelection campaign? (Public Affairs Program)
  • Carnegie New Leaders: Planet Money Tells the Story of Sovereign Debt | 04/24/12 Zoe Chace, Caitlin Kenney, Joseph Amann NPR's Planet Money team employs relatable story-telling techniques to analyze complex financial issues. In this multimedia presentation, reporter Zoe Chace and producer Caitlin Kenney will put the European debt crisis in context and talk about their on-the-ground reporting of its financial, political and ethical implications. (Carnegie New Leaders Program)
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