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As a future leader, you know that global and ethical considerations play a vital role in shaping your success. The Carnegie New Leaders (CNL) program offers a rare opportunity to meet others who feel the same way.

CNL provides an exclusive platform for the next generation of leaders to explore the ethical and global dimensions of issues including military intervention, foreign aid, and sovereign bailouts.

Through a series of informal and formal gatherings, as well as online dialogue and analysis, CNL members join an esteemed community of business professionals, policy makers, social innovators, and scholars who are changing the way we approach global ethics in the 21st century. From private dinners with luminaries to interactive conversations with dynamic leaders to networking events with peers, this robust group provides a plethora of ways to learn and engage in productive discussions.

The Council seeks a diverse set of accomplished candidates, age 40 and under, who are working in a range of fields and wish to engage in a dialogue on ethics in international affairs.

We accept nominations and letters of inquiry for this exclusive program, and ask applicants to provide a resume and statement of purpose.

For more details about the CNL program and membership options, please refer to the overview and policy document below. If you should have any additional questions, please contact Stefanie Ambrosio by phone at 212-838-4120 or by email at

Click here for Carnegie New Leaders Overview and Policy.

Click here for a list of Current Carnegie New Leaders.

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