Carnegie Council Trustees

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs
Merrill House
170 East 64th Street
New York, NY 10065-7478

(212) 838-4120
(212) 752-2432 - Fax


Robert G. Shaw

Anthony L. Faillace
Vice Chairman

Stephen D. Hibbard
Vice Chairman

Richard A. Edlin

Joel H. Rosenthal
President, Carnegie Council

Member Trustees

Jonathan E. Colby

Barbara Crossette

Michael W. Doyle

Jonathan Gage

Julian Harper

Haris Hromic

Bruce W. Jentleson

Zachary Karabell

Susan King

Eddie Mandhry

Violy McCausland-Seve

Amir Pasic

Alexander H. Platt

Michael J. Smith

Robert P. Smith

James P. Wind

Honorary Trustees

Maurice S. Spanbock

Eiji Uehiro
International Honorary Trustee

Former Trustees

Kathleen Cheek-Milby

Phyllis D. Collins

David P. Hunt

James H. Rowe

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